The Best Tilting Angle 115° of Chair Tilt Mechanisms


The Best Tilting Angle 115° of Chair Tilt Mechanisms Since 2005, we have served many customers who manufacture chairs and provided them with the core chair tilt mechanisms. They often discuss with us about the comfortable structure of chairs. The most important suggestion we give to them is that the tilting angle of the chair back … Read more

3 Newest Office Chair Armrests In 2022


3 Newest Office Chair Armrests In 2022 As an office worker, you may have deep feelings about the discomfort of sitting on an office chair for a long time. The comfort degree of office chairs mostly depends on the office chair parts, including the office chair armrests, the back support, the tilt mechanism,etc.. However, nowadays … Read more

Pros and Cons of Custom Office Chairs


Pros and Cons of Custom Office Chairs With the development of society and the evolution of the market, some consumers are no longer shopping for office chairs, but directly contact office chair manufacturers for door-to-door measurement and customization. Now, many office chair manufacturers also such a production mode –  custom office chairs. In fact, the … Read more

The Permanent Contact Mechanism on High Back Drafting Chair


High Back Drafting Chair Parts – Permanent Contact Mechanism and Others 1. What is a high back drafting chair used for? A chair designed specifically for the users working on drafting tables or other elevated surfaces above normal office-desk height. Especially in some industrial industries, the working table is always higher than the conventional table … Read more

Introduction of Anti-static Chairs


Introduction of Anti-static Chairs Working principle of anti-static chair The anti-static polyurethane chair (ESD chair) is a must-have product for working in static sensitive areas. In gerneral,an anti-static chair are mainly composed of the ESD cushion, backrest and metal accessories. And such a chair can effectively discharge static electricity to the ground, with very good … Read more

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