5 Ways To Identify The Office Chair Quality

It is estimated that at least 8 hours a day for the office workers is in the office chairs, and it is even longer for the software development engineers. Under such circumstance, the office chair quality has a great impact on the health and safety of users.

In this article, we’re gonna tell you the criteria for determining the office chair quality and the 5 ways to identify the office chair quality.

Criteria for determining the office chair quality

When it comes to the office chair quality, it is generally measured and determined through these three points. They are:

  • ① Product stability
  • ② Caster reciprocating wear degree
  • ③ Formaldehyde emission
Office Chair Quality

Product stability

The stability item is an important indicator to assess whether the office chair quality is qualified. Office chairs with unqualified stability are prone to tipping over when the user leans forward, leans back, or sits sideways. This may result in injury to consumers and pose a safety hazard.

As another common type of office chair, swivel chairs may have more quality problems, from casters to bases to gas cylinders that adjust the lift. For example, the five-star base is an important bearing part in the swivel chair. If its quality is not up to standard, it is easy to break during use, which may cause consumers to fall and cause personal injury. 

And if the structure and sealing of the gas cylinder are not tight enough, it will cause air leakage, further leading to the lifting and lowering failure, and affecting the use of chair. For more quality issues caused by different kinds of product instability, please refer to our article: The Quality Issues​ of Inferior Office Chairs.

Caster reciprocating wear degree

In addition to the five-star base, casters are another indispensable part of the swivel office chair. The quality of casters is related to the service life of the office chair.

Some manufacturers may purchase some raw materials of poor quality for casters. The cheap ones may be one or two yuan, while the expensive ones can be five or six yuan, seven or eight yuan, or even ten yuan.

The wear threshold of qualified casters is at least 100,000 times. While the poor quality casters may be broken in 10,000 or 20,000 times. Casters of poor quality can be prone to severe wear and tear, and their plastic load-bearing components are prone to cracking. In this case, consumers need to replace the casters frequently, which leads to poor product experience and poor evaluation.

Formaldehyde emission

Formaldehyde is a colorless irritant gas, which has been identified as a class I carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde at low concentrations may cause dizziness and fatigue. When the concentration of formaldehyde is high, it is strongly irritating and will be toxic to the nervous system, immune system, and liver. 

The materials of office chairs are mainly plastics, splints, sponges, fabrics and hardware. And the surface of the hardware will also be painted, so all materials have a certain risk of formaldehyde content.

Seeing this, as an office chair manufacturer or chair parts distributor, do you feel a cool breeze behind you? Are you worried about buying poor quality office chair parts which will affect your product and corporate reputation? Don’t worry, keep reading, we will tell you how to identify the quality and safety of office chairs, so as to judge the quality of the office chair parts you buy.

5 Ways to identify the office chair quality

01. Check the load-bearing capacity of the backrest

The backrest of the office chair is what we should focus on. A good seat back should be made of the material nylon & glass fiber in an appropriate proportion, which is wear-resistant and tough, and is not easy to break.

We can sit on the chair first, and then lean back hard to feel its load-bearing capacity and firmness. If you sit up and feel that the backrest is about to break, then such a chair back must be of poor quality. In addition, you can install the upper armrest to see if the height of the armrests of the office chair is equal. The armrests with unequal heights can be uncomfortable.

Load-bearing capacity of the backrest

02. Check the tilt mechanisms and casters

Some chair parts manufacturers may use some poor materials in the production of the chair parts. So the stability of office chairs assembled with these chair parts must be quite unstable. Adjust the lift system or tilt mechanism of the office chair to see if it is smooth. Sit on the chair and slide it back and forth several times to check if the casters are smooth.

03.Check the hardware connection

The tightness of the hardware connection is the key to determining the stability of the office chair. If the hardware connection is loose, or there may be a lack of screw in some connections, the office chair will be very shaken, and may even collapse after a long time. In this case, there is a great security risk. Therefore, the manufacturers of office chairs must be careful in the assembly process. You can shake the office chair to see if the chair parts are securely installed.

Check the hardware connection

04. Smell

Get close to the office chair and smell it. If you feel a strong irritating odor and are accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as watery eyes or an itchy throat, then the amount of formaldehyde is likely to exceed the standard.

05. Look at the certificate

Based on the above-mentioned sitting feeling, perception and smell, only the short-time stability of the chair can be assured. To know whether the quality of chair is stable for a long time, it must be guaranteed by testings. The American BIFMA and European CE standards have very mature testing systems for office chairs and the chair parts. If the chair parts you buy can pass the relevant testing standards and obtain the certificates, then the long-term quality stability of  chair can be guaranteed.

For the certificate template, please refer to the Office Chair Parts Manufacturer page. 


On the whole, the quality chair parts is a guarantee of the office chair quality and also a base for a qualified office chair. Purchasing the quality-assured chair parts from a reliable office chair parts manufacturer is the best guarantee for your business and the way to a long-term development. And we, as an experienced and reputable office chair parts manufacturer, can be a perfect choice for you. If you are interested in our chair parts, just feel free to contact us.


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