Advantages of PU Casters on Office Chairs


Before the discussion of the advantages of PU casters on office chairs, let’s think about the question “Why are office chairs with casters ? Is it better without casters ?” and find the persuasive answers.

Why are office chairs with casters ? Is it better without casters ?

Do you have some answers in mind for the question? There are some users’ opinions on the office chair with casters. Let’s have a look and see if you have the same experience and opinion.

But one thing is for sure, that is, finally you will definitely agree the thought — We really need this type of office chair with casters.

I am always immersed in work for a long time. And I need to move left and right to check the materials to demonstrate, overthrow, and rebuild my ideas.

A scientific worker

In addition to the computer, I have many auxiliary tools. I will move my office chair in the studio at will, so that the new design inspiration can be put into practice immediately.

A fashion designer

Working on the computer for a long time, I occasionally let the chair slide back quietly to get enough space to stretch my back.

An office worker

I kept on the phone and moved to take out the newly printed documents that my colleagues urgently needed. The sliding office chair is too important for me. It helps me efficiently complete a number of logistical assistance tasks.

A receptionist and clerk

The necessity of PU casters


These users have talked about their job situation and explained their views on the necessity of PU casters.

Do you experience the same situation as above? If you are in other different situations and have different opinions, welcome to leave a comment at the bottom.

After knowing some users’ opinions on the casters, you may not think it is enough to demonstrate the necessity of the casters.

Next, I will tell you the advantages of PU casters to further prove this problem.

The Advantages of PU casters

(1) Anti-scratch

The PU casters are soft to touch and are covered by a layer of polyurethane, a kind of plastic.

Whether your floor is tile, wood or carpet, it will not scratch your floor when moving.

If the casters hit some sharp metal fitters on the floor, don’t worry! They will not be scratched easily.

It can be said that the use of casters saves you a lot of money in repairing the floor or replacing the casters!


(2) Water proof

As mentioned above, the casters are mainly made of PU and PP plastics, unlike metal materials. The metal pins on the top of the caster will be inserted into the base of the chair. Therefore, it will not rust even after a long-term use.

(3) Silent


Are you still irritated by the noise of the chair casters wheels? If the office chair that you are sitting on is with PU casters and allows you to move freely in the office, you will find that it is flexible, stable, and very quiet like a car tire. Even if we move the chair suddenly, it will not produce a loud noise.

Being quiet can quickly settle people’s irritable and anxious hearts and let them focus on their work. So your office chair must be equipped with PU casters.

(4) Affordable price

As long as you have no special requirements for PU casters, its price is definitely within your reach. What’ s more, it is not much different from the PP caster. Therefore, it is much popular than the PP caster for its relatively lower price and the similar features.

Above we have discussed the necessity and advantages of casters. Now, you may have another question, that is how to buy the right casters for your office chairs. Then, you can find your answer in our article ” How to Choose the Right Office Chair Casters?“. 

Now, let’s talk about how to maintain the casters on the office chair.

How to maintain the PU casters for our office chairs?

(1) Choose the quality and good ones for your chair. In our section “office chair casters”  you will know the types of casters we sell.

(2) Assemble the casters with the right size 50 or 60mm correctly to your chair base

(3) The garbage stuck to the wheels is mainly dust and hair. Then, turn over your chair and clear them carefully periodically.

(4) If you want the casters of new color or new look, then replace them. Put the new ones on your desk chair and enjoy!

If you urgently need casters, you can not only read product reviews and review on the Internet, but also check after-sales service and the duration of shipment.


(5) We must pay attention to one fact that the casters are made of plastic. And the sun light is the “enemy”of plastic. So don’t place the office chair with casters under the sunshine for all day. Keep them indoor, or they will become crisp soon!



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