Butterfly Tilt Mechanism

Butterfly tilt mechanism-Office chair parts

1. What is a butterfly tilt mechanism?

The butterfly tilt mechanism is actually an office chair tilt mechanism. Because its shape is like a butterfly with outstretched wings. People tend to use the butterfly tilt mechanism as its common name. And this makes this kind of tilting mechanism easy to identify.

In general, the most primitive butterfly tilt mechanism has the following two basic functions:

1) Connect the gas cylinder to realize the lifting and lowering of the office chair.

2) The adjustable knob is for back titling and making the sitting more comfortable.

Functions of butterfly mechanism

The picture shown below is the most original and most popular butterfly tilt mechanism.

Butterfly shape tilt mechanism
Butterfly shape tilt mechanism 2

Now, the concept of ergonomic and health have been developed and popularized. Thus, people have more and higher requirements for the functions of the chair tilt mechanisms. As for the office workers, they have to sit in office chairs for a long time. And that will easily cause back pain and various problems.

At this time, the comfort and adjustability of the office chair has become a very important factor. In response to such situations, the industry has gradually innovated a series of butterfly tilt mechanisms. After years of experience accumulation, we also has launched a series of unique and multifunctional butterfly tilt mechanisms.

In addition, the butterfly tilt mechanisms come in a variety of hole sizes. And they can be mounted on chairs of all sizes.

NG008D Swivel tilt mechanism
NG008D Swivel Tilt Mechanism
NG011 Swivel Tilt Mechanism
NG011 Swivel Tilt Mechanism
NG003B Swivel Tilt Mechanism
NG003B Swivel Tilt Mechanism
NG008 Swivel Tilt Mechanism
NG008 Swivel Tilt Mechanism

Besides, there are various function options: synchronous and multi-bit locking. And those can meet the needs of customers in different industries.

Synchro Tilt Mechanism NG013A
NG013A Synchro Tilt Mechanism
Synchro Tilt Mechanism NBA005
NBA005 Synchro Tilt Mechanism
Synchro Tilt Mechanism NG012D
NG012D Synchro Tilt Mechanism
Synchro Tilt Mechanism NBA005S
NBA005S Synchro Tilt Mechanism

The video below shows us how to install and use the chair tilt mechanism.

2. Frog mechanism vs butterfly mechanism

You may not know that there is another tilt mechanisms also named for its resemblance to a kind of animal. That is the FROG mechanism.

Knee Tilt Mechanism NB002B
Knee Tilt Mechanism NB002B

One of their differences lies in their connection point with gas cylinder:

  • The connection point between BUTTERFLY MECHANISM and gas cylinder is in the middle of the mechanism.
  • While the point between FROG MECHANISM and gas cylinder is behind the entire mechanism. It can in fact be classified as the Knee Tilt Mechanism. 

When a person sits in a chair with a frog mechanism and leans back, his feet will keep on the ground. And this can make the sitting more comfortable.

However, its cost is higher than the butterfly mechanism.

Now, both of these tilt mechanisms are the best-selling and most popular. Also, they are often used in gaming chairs.

Frog Tilt Mechanism-comparison

Frog Mechanism

Butterfly tilt mechanism-comparison

Butterfly Mechanism

Butterfly Mechanism
Frog Mechanism
Swivel/Center tilt
Knee tilt

3. How to choose the best butterfly tilt mechanism manufacturer ?

The world’s largest producer of butterfly tilt mechanisms is China. And its production bases are mainly distributed in some furniture parts industrial parks in Guangdong and Zhejiang. On the whole, Guangdong’s office parts industry chain is more complete and of higher quality.

For long-term business considerations, it is necessary to pay more attention to product quality. We suggest you to refer to the following three aspects to select a reliable butterfly tilt mechanism supplier.

1) Material: Whether the thickness of load-bearing iron plate reaches 2.5mm

Office chairs are generally used for a very long time. So the load-bearing capacity requirements for them must be higher than other chairs. While the butterfly tilt mechanism is an important force-bearing surface of the entire seat. Therefore, it must thick enough to support the whole office chair seat, as shown in the figure below. If the load-bearing iron plate is not thick enough, when the force is large, it is easy to deform. And that will further affect the safety of chair.

Thickness of tilt mechanism

2) Is the welding position of the butterfly mechanism firm?

Especially the conical position of the butterfly tilt mechanism connected to the gas cylinder, some are connected by robot welding. While others are manual welding. No matter which method is used, it must be fully welded and cannot be spot welded. Otherwise the entire conical connector will fall off, as shown in the picture below.

Damage of tilt mechanism

3) Whether the mechanisms have been tested and obtained the certificate.

Chair tilt mechanism - SGS test report

The thickness of our butterfly tilt mechanisms are all 2.5MM standard or above. And the tilt mechanisms are welded by robot. Besides, each of them has passed the manual inspection. Most importantly, all of them have passed the SGS BIFMA test. So you can always trust us – a reliable tilt mechanism manufacturer and supplier.


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