Chair Gas Cylinder Manufacturers: What Are the Necessary Facilities?

Necessary facilities for gas cylinder manufacturing

As a chair gas cylinder manufacturer, we are always requested to offer the Office Chair Gas Cylinders which should be durable and safe by our clients. In the following content we are going to introduce the indispensable facilities in a gas cylinder factory.

The chair is for sitting. In all the office chair parts components, more closer to the body, the ergonomic issue is necessary to be considered. But the Chair Gas Cylinder  which is connecting between the Office Chair Base and Office Chair Tilt Mechanisms allows the sitter to adjust the height. And it is not directly touch to the body. Therefore, the ergonomic issue is less to be considered, then the duration and safety should be the prior to the all.

1. For Tube Cutting:

Cutting machine: the seamless steel tubes arriving at warehouse, need to be cut into the right size according to customers’ order.

2. Surface Polishing and Concentric Machine:

During the transportation, the tube may get bending and scratches on the surface, which will affect the piston working inside.

If the piston with an o-ring working in one bending tube, the gas will leak sooner or later.
Meanwhile the scratches inside the tube will hurt the o-ring, and it will lead to leakage as well.

This machine will concentric the tubes and polish the surface finishing.

Comparing before and after this step.

cutting machine in chair gas cylinder's factory
cutting machine in chair gas cylinder's factory

3. Curling one end and engraved thread the other

chair gas cylinder comparing during the manufacturing
chair gas cylinder comparing during the manufacturing
Curling and engraved machine for chair gas cylinder manufacturers
gas cylinder manufacturer's workshop-.2
After Curling and Engraving-1
gas cylinder manufacturer’s workshop
Before This Step
gas cylinder manufacturer’s workshop-3
After Curling and Engraving-2

4. Ultrasonic Cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning is necessary, because in the machining process, the oil is everywhere in the tube and in the machine. Without this machine, the dirty especially the oil can’t be removed.

All these clean and polish steps will ensure the duration of the chair gas cylinder, and it should be completed carefully and strictly.

5. Assembly machine line

For the assembly part, each chair gas cylinder manufacturer will design his own line according to its situation. The mass production is asking for a high level-auto machine line.

chair gas cylinder assemble machine-1
① Assemble for the piston
chair gas cylinder assemble machine-2
② Assemble for the in-side cylinder
chair gas cylinder assemble machine-3
③ Assemble for the out-side cylinder
chair gas cylinder assemble machine-4
④ Final assemble for the in-cylinder and out-cylinder

During these steps, the auto- assemble machine line is not 100% necessary, higher auto level, more quantity request in the MOQ.

The video on the left is one part of the assembly by manual.

Manual assembling for the final assembly:

As chair gas cylinder manufacturers, we should pay attention to the followlling points:

(1) The gas pressure test: 3 times during the production:

  • 1st time: injection Nitrogen
  • 2nd time: inner-cylinder placed for a time to check whether the gas is leakaging or not.
  • 3rd time: after the layout and before assembling with the out-cylinder, normally this step will combine together with printing(some clients may request their own logo remark )

(2) The high-press gas should be 100% Nitrogen

(3) The inner tube of the gas cylinder must be 100% seamless steel tube.

(4) The test should be applied all the time to meet the BIFMA certified.



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