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Chair Parts Case Study

Case 1

Office chair gas cylinder
for -40 °C Environment

The extreme cold whether always has certain special requests for the furniture, especially for the moving parts, so does the office chair gas cylinder.

We have a client who lives in an area where the temperature can be low at -40 °C in winter.

Such an extreme cold weather actually has a strict request on the Nitrogen and the rubber parts for sealing such as o-ring.

Gas cylinder Inner tube - plastic sealing

Case 2

Special size of Office Chair Gas Cylinder

The gas cylinder is connected to the tilt mechanism at its top and the base at its bottom. In some markets, the size of the tilt mechanisms or five-star bases may be different. Therefore, there are some special requirements for the size of gas cylinders.

Details please check:

Customize Gas Cylinder Size

The Office Chair Gas Cylinder

Customized gas cylinder - design layout 1

Case 3

chair parts assembled in chairs

An office chair is composed of various chair parts. The realization of different functions of th office chairs requires different designs and different chair parts.

Each part has its own functions. For example, the chair base is used for stability. And when installing casters which can realize the movement of chair, we also need to consider the stability of the chair during movement.

In addition to the reasonable design, ergonomics is another important issue that we should consider.

Moreover, the cost is always a significant and influencing fator in manufacture and the main consideration for the manufacturer.

We present you some office chairs which are assembled with our different chair parts for your reference:

Chair Part Application

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