How to Distinguish the Low-back, Mid-back and High-back Office Chairs?

For office chairs, low-back, mid-back and high-back, what are the differences between them:

Low -back Office Chairs

First, let’s talk about the low-back office chairs. This kind of office chair can support your lower back to your mid-back. That’s why we call it low back office chair. If you need to move around at work, or even lean forward, this is a better choice for you.

In addition, compared to large and tall chairs that might overwhelm you, anyone with a petite figure will find this office chair more ideal. If you’re looking for the low back chairs, we recommend the below Office Chairs.


Executive Office Chair 826B


Conference Chair 814C


Desk Chair 604-3B

The stylish, modern and unique design will surely make your office look exquisite!

But in addition to the gorgeous design, it is also very comfortable. Most importantly, it is durable and can support up to 250 pounds!

Mid -back Office Chairs

The next on the list is the mid-back chair. The backrest of this chair has greater support and can reach the user’s shoulders. It may reach user’s neck sometimes, but it hinges on the height of the individual. Because it can support the entire back, it is designed to strengthen the entire spine.

Most mid-back chairs are designed with a curved backrest to support the lumbar area and promote better posture.

If you are the type to slouch when sitting, a mid-back chair that is as high as your shoulders will be recommended.

When it comes to affordable mid-back chairs with multiple adjustable functions, you cant go wrong with our Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chairs.


Conference Chair 864C


Executive Office Chair 825B


Ergonomic Executive Office Chair 892B

High -back Office Chairs

Speaking of the high-back office chairs, they essentially have a backrest that can support your neck or head.

The method of judging whether it is a high-back chair is also very simple. You only need to sit down and see if it can reach your neck or head. In addition, if the backrest is higher than the middle back, you can be sure that it is a high-back office chair.

The purpose of this type is to provide more support for your entire back, shoulders and neck.If you are tall and find that a mid-back chair cannot support you well, then a high-back chair will be more suitable for you.

In addition, if you feel pain on your upper back and neck, a higher backrest will allow you lean back more and relax when you feel the tension in these areas.

In terms of upper back pain, you can feel more comfortable and relieved sitting on an office chair like below.


Ergonomic Executive Office Chair 861A


Executive Office Chair 893-1A


Ergonomic Executive Office Chair 872A

It has many adjustable parts and even a rotatable headrest. So when you need to lean back, you can rely on this chair to give you full support!



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