How to Ensure the Quality of the Office Chairs?

If we interview the people working in the offices whether they work standing or sitting, many of them definitely answer sit to work. Therefore, the quality of the office chairs are especially important for those office workers.

And we, as a senior office chair parts manufacturer, we pay much attention to the following points to ensure the quality of office chair.

The office workers are also recommended to understand those characteristics.


1. Sliding resistance

The office desks and chairs commonly used always have casters.

The first step we need to test is whether the sliding of the pulleys is flexible. Unqualified work chairs will have a sense of blockage and not smooth when they move. If the sliding is not smooth, unexpected situations may occur when users work, which may cause harm to them.

2. Stability

What is stability? Presumably, when we are not working, we may lean on the work chairs.

Some of the chairs may look like they are about to fall down. However, a qualified office chair will not roll over, no matter which position the person’s main weight is on the work chair.

3. Seat impact

What is a seat surface? The seat surface is where we are seated. And some of you must have heard of the previous work chair explosion, which caused personal injuries.

For some heavy friends, if they suddenly sit on a work chair, being overweight may make the seat surface unable to withstand the impact. It further causes the panel to break and other situations, resulting in personal injury.

4. Tilt Mechanism

The office chair tilt mechanism is very important. It is attached to the joint under the seat surface.

Some unscrupulous merchants do not have this tilt mechanism, or they may use other tilt mechanism made by plastics. The office chair explosion incident directly penetrated the seat surface and directly inserted into the human body.

Generally, the qualified tilt mechanism of a regular working chair is made of iron with a thickness of 2.0mm or more. Using that kind of tilt mechanism will not occur the above penetrating explosion.

5. Flame retardancy

Flame retardancy is well understood literally. It is the function of preventing incineration.

For example, we put a burned cigarette butt in the gap between the seat surface and the backrest, or in the middle of the seat surface, etc., within an hour. There was no smoldering, ignition, flames, etc. Otherwise, it is easy to cause safety hazards.

Of course, there is also a formaldehyde emission test. But this test requires the use of some professional things to evaluate. And we generally don’t have these things under normal conditions, so we won’t explain much here. In general, from the above five aspects, you can basically judge the quality of the office chairs. Now, do you know it?

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