How to Lock the Office Chair Back?

Before reading this article, let’s think about the following 3 questions:

  • Why is it necessary to lock the office chair back?
  • How to lock the office chair back?
  • How to prevent damage to the tilt lock part?

A few moments later……Do you have the answers in mind?

If you have, then please don’t hurry to give your answers now! Let’s first take the office chair with back lumbar as examples to make a detailed analysis to see if we have the same answers. And after figuring out these problems, we can make our office chairs fit for our body.

Above are our ergonomic office chairs in 3 styles, all of which have the function of chair back locking. 

Why should we lock the office chair back?

Many people have severely overstretched spinal ligaments and sometimes even disc problems due to prolonged sitting in ill-fitting office chairs. But the office chairs used by most people are adjustable.

That is to say, office chairs are not unsuitable for users. It’s just that the users haven’t adjusted the chair to the most suitable position for their body, and then the injuries mentioned above are caused to the body.

Therefore, adjusting the chair to the most comfortable state is the ultimate solution to this problem. While locking the chair back to fit users’ body is easy and only takes a few minutes, which is one of the quickest and easiest ways.

How to lock the office chair back?

1. Adjust the height of the backrest.

Users should sit correctly on a chair with their feet down and their calves one fist’s distance from the edge of the chair. Then move the backrest up and down to fit in the small of their back.

In this way, it will provide maximum support for their back. And the adjusted chair back can make them feel that there is firm support on the lumbar curve of the lower back.

How to adjust it: There should be a knob on the back of the chair that allows the backrest to move up and down. For it is easier to lower the backrest when sitting than to raise it, fully raise it first when standing. Next, sit on the chair and adjust the backrest down until it fits around the small of the back.

*Note: Not all the backrests of chairs are adjustable in height.

2. Adjust the angle of the backrest.

To sit comfortably in a preferred posture, users should adjust the backrest angle to support them. There’s no need to lean back to feel it or lean farther forward.

How to adjust it: There is a knob or lever to lock the backrest angle to the chair back. Unlock the backrest angle, then lean back and forth while looking at the monitor. Once the proper angle is achieved, lock the backrest into place.

*Note: Not all the chair backrests are adjustable in angle. Only the chair with a back angle mechanism or a back locking knob allows the backrest angle adjustment.

As a professional chair parts manufacturer and wholesaler, we have many kinds of office chair mechanisms that have knobs or levers to lock the backrest. Like our Synchronic tilt mechanism NG012D and NB002B.

2.1 Adjust with the tension knob

Turn the tension knob on the front of the mechanism: 

  • clockwise for more tension
  • counterclockwise for less tension

2.2 Adjustable with the lever

Lift the lever up to adjust the backrest angle to a desired position for a more personal fit. Push it down to lock this position.

How to lock office chair back

However, it is not possible to successfully lock the office chair back all the time. In this case, there is often a problem with the small components which are to adjust the chair back. To avoid such problems, what can the office chair users do? Read on, and you will find the answer.

Tips on preventing damage to the tilt lock part

1. Get familiar with your office chair

As with all new things, you need to make clear how a chair works, including all of its parts and functions.

Reading the instruction manual is the best way to get acquaintance with the office chair. You can see all the information needed to keep the chair in its current state.

After knowing your office chair, you will know how to use the chair to prevent damage to it and its components.

Or, if reading small print manuals is not your thing, you can turn to the net or YouTube for some tutorial videos.

2. Analyze and search for broken parts

Make sure to analyze the problem first before you try to troubleshoot something. Below are some possible cases caused by certain damaging parts.

  • If there is a problem with the spring, there will be zero tension.
  • If a lever is damaged, you won’t be able to recline the chair back.
  • Finally, if you can’t move the chair at all, thenthe tension knob may have something wrong.


For the office chair back locking, there maybe some slight difference in the adjustment office chairs with different designs. But in general, it’s the same. Hope this article can help you figure out how to lock office chair back.

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