How to Prevent the Office Chair Gas Cylinder Explosion?

Generally speaking, the following two situations may cause the Office Chair Gas Cylinder explosions:

  1. The wall thickness of the gas spring is uneven or the preload is too large.
  2. Frequent height adjustment and rotation lead to overheating and explosion.

Under normal circumstances, this gas cylinder similar to a bicycle pump is filled with high-purity inert gas nitrogen. When a person sits on a chair, even though the squeezing pressure of nitrogen increases, it is still too far within the limit of gas lift expansion. So no problems will occur.

Some inferior gas cylinders often have problems such as insufficient nitrogen purity and using shoddy material. In the case of high temperature in summer or frequent seat lifts, the pressure in the gas cylinder will rise sharply, which can easily cause an explosion.

Some bad manufacturers use free high-pressure air instead of inert gas to keep costs down, which is more likely to cause the gas cylinders to explode.

In addition, some consumers’ wrong practices when using pneumatic lift chairs also pose safety risks, such as excessive force when sitting, or frequent adjustment of the lift handles.

Tips for Choosing the Quality Chair Lift

If a chair lift explodes, many fragments such as hard plastic, wood chips, sponge, cloth, sealing ring and so on will cause serious injury to the user. A small chair lift hides such a big risk. How to choose a chair lift?

1. Choose the Gas Lift Chairs made by the regular manufacturers

When buying this kind of office chair gas lift, you must choose a regular product with the manufacturer‘s information.

Don’t buy products without the exact production date and qualification. Otherwise not only the quality will not be guaranteed, but there may also be no way to defend your rights when problems arise.

When purchasing, consumers should check whether the product has a certificate of conformity, registered trademark, manufacturer’s name and address, etc.

2. Choose the Gas Lift Chairs with an Inspection Report

Any chair lift sold by a regular manufacturer will issue an “inspection report”. The gas cylinder with a certain risk factor for the gas lift chairs is made of steel materials and high-purity gas. What’s more, the gas is strictly sealed. The upper end of the gas cylinder is also printed with a logo verified by the relevant state department. And the manufacturer, gas cylinder type and notes are written in English. Generally, there will be an explosion, if the chair lift uses inferior gas cylinder produced by non-regular manufacturers.

3. Check the conformity mark on the Gas Lift Chairs

When buying a lift chair, you can check whether there is a conformity mark and its basis for compliance of the product on the chair or the packing box. Since the general gas lift chair has a warranty period, consumers must remember to ask for an invoice from the merchant when buying. So that it can be as a proof when protecting their rights.

4. Check the adjustment of the Gas Lift Chairs

When buying, you can adjust the seat to see if it is smooth. It is recommended to buy a office lift chair with smooth adjustment.

Use the Office Lift Chair in A Right Way

1. Do not adjust and rotate the chair lift frequently.

Many people like to move around or go up and down repeatedly when sitting in a chair lift. These practices are very dangerous and easily cause uneven force on the gas cylinder. And the gas cylinder will wear out unevenly over a long period of time, forming a hidden danger of explosion.

2. Do not disassemble the chair lift by yourselves

Do not disassemble the chair lift, especially the gas spring components. If you need to repair it, please ask a professional to do it. Some people think that the gas inside the lift chair is dangerous, so they disassemble it to release the gas.

Experts warn that consumers must not follow the tutorials on disassembling the chair lift and deflating the air on the Internet because it’s very dangerous.

3. Check and maintain the chair lift regularly

If you find that the adjustment is not smooth or there are other abnormal phenomena, it is recommended to stop using and seek professional repairs. Any item has a normal lifespan. Check your own chair every once in a while. If the chair lifts are cracked, loose or shaken, they must be repaired and replaced in time to avoid tragedy.

4. Do not often sit on the front edge of the chair

When using the chair lift, do not often sit on the front edge of the chair to avoid damage to the chair by twisting force.

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