Inspection Standards for Armrests of Office Chairs

Office Chairs Armrests Inspection Standards

The armrest is one of the important parts of the office chair. Its quality directly affects the comfort of the seat. Therefore, the control of this link is particularly strict.

Let’s take a look at how the quality inspectors check the armrest of the office chair strictly based on the quality inspection standards.

Methods & Steps for Armrest Inspection

Hereby we bring some inspection methods of the armrest manufacturer:

(1) STEP 1     The color is consistent with the color plate, (the color of armrest and sample must be the same).

(2) STEP 2     One meter under normal light, the tester is 30cm away from the product. There is no obvious sand pattern, and the surface cannot be whitened.

(3) STEP 3    One meter under normal light, the inspector is 30cm away from the product to check the sand hole.

Surface A is less than 0.2mm. And it is allowed to have two points. The distance between the two points is 30mm, the width is within 0.2mm, and the length is within 1mm. If the above conditions are met, it is a good product.

There is no obvious sand hole on the B side, and no obvious scratch is acceptable. No polishing required.

(4) STEP 4     The parting line at the armrest and the edge of the hole must be dealt with, and there should be no hand scraping.

(5) STEP 5      The dimensions of the product refer to the engineering drawings, and the product should not be deformed after the injection is cooled.

(6) STEP 6       During the inspection, pay attention to the handrail hole not to be blocked. The related products are matched, and the holes are equipped with screws. Besides, the size of some products is difficult to control and it must be controlled by the inspection tool.

(7) STEP 7       Armrest must be natural when assembled without scratches on a large area. What’s more, pay attention to the handrail plug and prevent it from loosening during inspection.



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