Introduction of Anti-static Chairs


What is the use of anti-static chairs?

The anti-static polyurethane chair (ESD chair) is a must-have product for working in static sensitive areas.

In gerneral,an anti-static chair are mainly composed of the ESD cushion, backrest and metal accessories. And such a chair can effectively discharge static electricity to the ground, with very good ESD static discharge performance.

In layman’s terms, the static electricity generated during use can be discharged. So that it can achieve the purpose of eliminating the static electricity generated.


Resistance value standard

According to the “Measurement Method of Surface Resistance”, there are certain standards for the surface resistance of anti-static chairs. And they are generally controlled between 10^4 and 10^11Ω. If some special working environments have special requirements for the surface resistance of the anti-static chair, you can also contact the manufacturer for customization.

But we don’t use anti-static chairs in our daily lives. They are usually used in specialized production workshops and laboratories.

Only by knowing the common types of anti-static chairs can it be convenient for everyone to choose and purchase. Here are a few types of anti-static chairs.

Types of anti-static chairs

1. leather anti-static chair


As the name suggests, the material for the leather anti-static chair is leather. Some manufacturers may use HK leather imported from South Korea.

Features of leather anti-static chairs

  • Has a very good anti-static effect.
  • In addition, the filling material used inside the leather is generally a new foam sponge.
  • Highly elastic.
  • It is not only soft, but also very comfortable to sit up.
  • Its color is mainly blue or black.
  • Suitable for purification workshop of 100-10000 grade.
  • Strong and durable with great comfort.

2. station anti-static chair

Features of station anti-static chairs

Manufacturers of anti-static chairs will design the chairs suitable for different working postures based on the principles of ergonomics. While ensuring the anti-static effect, they can also give customers a comfortable enjoyment.

  • The station anti-static chair is made of PU foam material.
  • The inside of the backrest is made of stamped and formed steel plate inserts.
  • The curve of the inserts is designed according to the curve of human body.

It is very comfortable. What’s more, It is worth mentioning that the station anti-static chairs can effectively reduce the fatigue of the staff.

Differences with the leather anti-static chairs

Compared with the leather anti-static chair, the station anti-static chair is different from the environment in which it is used.

  • The station anti-static chair has a higher height and is more suitable for working environments with certain height requirements.
  • While the leather anti-static chair type has better comfort.

3. PU foam anti-static chair

In fact, material of the PU foam anti-static chair is almost the same as that of the station anti-static chair. And its anti-static effect meets the requirements of general electronic production workshops of 1-100 level.


The difference between anti-static chair and ordinary chair---armrest

The difference between anti-static chairs and ordinary chairs is that anti-static chairs generally do not have armrests. Because the larger the contact surface, the easier it is to generate static electricity.

Generally, the ordinary chairs are designed with armrests. If they don’t, people will feel extremely uncomfortable and there will be no place to put their hands. And this is the reason why ordinary chairs have been designed with armrests for so many years.

Of course, if you have special needs, the anti-static chairs can also be customized in batches.

Common problems of using anti-static chairs

(1) What should I do if the foot cups and casters often scratch the floor?

For anti-static chairs, foot cups and casters are necessary accessories. In daily use, people can put customized anti-static rubber holsters on the foot cups, or use casters made of soft PU. And that not only maintains the anti-static effect of the anti-static chair, but also avoids the foot cups and casters making scratches on the floor.

(2) There is a metal conductive chain in the accessories of the anti-static chair. Where should this be installed on the anti-static chair?

Under normal circumstances, the metal conductive chain is installed at the bottom of the lifting rod, a component of the anti-static chair. It is to discharge static electricity generated during use. However, the conductive chain only plays an auxiliary role. The entire system of the anti-static chair has been able to discharge all the static electricity generated. So this metal conductive chain does not need to be used.

Moreover, many anti-static chairs have casters or foot cups, which are all made of conductive nylon material. Also, the five-point grounding can stably discharge the static electricity generated during the use of the anti-static chair.


In conclusion, the above explains the principle classification and common problems of anti-static chairs for everyone. I hope that it will be helpful to everyone’s use process and help you to make a better and more reasonable choice of anti-static chairs.



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