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Knee Tilt Mechanisms

Our Office Chair Knee Tilt Mechanisms allow users’ feet to stay flat on the floor when the chair is tilted backward. And they are great for supporting the natural position of people’s bodies. They are ideal for general office chairs, task chairs and executive seatings.

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What is a knee tilt mechanism?

Previously, there are a great number of chair tilt mechanisms that are pivoted very close to the center line of the tilt mechanism housing. And the center line is generally coincides with the gravity center of the user seated in the chair.

Then, very little force is required when tilting the chair backwards. But at the same time, it will raise the front of the seat, putting pressure on the back of the thighs and interfering with the user’s blood circulation.

These chair tilt mechanisms also require the user to exert considerable force by extending the legs and feet to maintain the reclined position of such a chair. It is actually not relaxing for the user.

Comparison of tilt mechanisms

Previous Traditional Tilt Mechanism VS Recent New Knee Tilt Mechanism

Lately, there comes the knee tilt mechanism which can control the function to pivot the seat support member or plate as close to the user’s natural knee joint as possible. So the front of the seat will only raise little or not at all when the chair is tilted rearward.

Because a larger part of the user’s body weight behind the control pivot point, little or no effort is needed to recline or hold the chair in a reclined position

Besides, user’s feet  can remain flat on the floor with little effort .

Speaking of knee tilt mechanism, you may think of its excellent representative — the frog mechanism. Well, its shape is like a frog about to jump. There is a large angle between the two hard iron pieces linked to the chair cushion and the main body of the mechanism. When you lean back in the chair, you can recline at a relatively large angle, which is very safe. And the center of gravity of the body’s strength is transmitted from the feet to the whole body. This allows your legs to be relaxed and stress-free without having your feet leave the ground to lean back.

What is a knee tilt mechanism

How does knee tilt mechanism work?

In order to help everyone get a clear understanding of the working principle of KNEE TILT MECHANISM, today we will show you its mysterious internal structure.

A chair tilt mechanism is actually a mechanical device that is mounted under the seat of the chair. It’s to control the tilting of the chair when the user leans backwards. The chair tilt mechanism typically includes the following 2 elements:

  • a chair tilt mechanism housing adapted to be mounted on a support post attached to the chair base
  • a chair seat support member or plate secured to the underside of the chair seat and pivotally mounted to the chair tilt mechanism housing.

There is usually a spring or other energy storing device attached to the chair tilt mechanism housing. And that can control the rate at which the user can tilt the chair back. Besides, when the user stops leaning back, it will return the chair to its upright resting position.

Let’s still take the frog mechanism as an example.

Knee Tilt Mechanism-Aluminum Parts

Details of Knee Tilt Mechanism

The HOUSING of the Frog knee tilt mechanism has a solid aluminium part (like the picture above). The control effect can be achieved by cleverly designing various devices on the aluminum alloy parts. For example, the two control levers on the mechanism are actually linked to the point A and point B.

  • Point A is connected to the device C that controls the inclination angle of the backrest
  • Point B is connected to the device D that controls the height of the seat

It’s such a clever design that allows you to easily lift and tilt the chair.

Knee tilt mechanism - detail
Knee tilt mechanism - spring

The chairs with Knee Tilt Mechanisms typically require greater force to support the user on the extended moment arm. Also, it is able to return the tilted user to an upright position compared to the conventional controlled chairs. Usually, the springs that provide this force are relatively large and bulky to balance user’s weight and also return the reclining user to an upright position.

Knee tilt mechanism - spring&lever

Improved Knee Tilt Mechanism

In the past few years, the exposed springs on the chair tilt mechanism were very common. But with the improvement of people’s aesthetics, they have a more perfect pursuit on the appearance of chairs and even that of tilt mechanisms. So getting rid of this exposed SPRING is the first problem for the chair parts engineers. And through two years of hard work, we have developed a beautiful spring design. That is, setting a “hat” for them. And the “hat” is in fact a tension knob.  As a result, it turns out that the improved knee tilt mechanisms are really popular, such as the NBC series knee tilt mechanisms.

Synchro tilt mechanism NBC004S
Synchro tilt mechanism NBC004S
Snychro tilt mechanism NBC005
Snychro tilt mechanism NBC005
NBC006 Knee Tilt Mechanism
Knee Tilt Mechanism NBC006

How to adjust the knee tilt mechanism ?

How to adjust the knee tilt mechanism to achieve the most comfortable state?

1) Adjust the seat height

As shown in the picture on the right, first sit on the chair seat and gently press the lever until the height is suitable for you.

Knee tilt mechanism -seat height adjustment

2) Adjust backward angle

There were some knee tilt chairs that can be reclined so easily, which often gives the user a feeling that the chair was falling backwards.

In fact, in the general KNEE TILT MECHANISM, engineers have designed 4-5 tilt locking positions. First, loosen the spring that controls the strength of the back tilt. Then, adjust the tilt lever. You can adjust it backwards step by step to the most comfortable angle.

Knee tilt mechanism-tilt angle adjustment1
Knee tilt mechanism-tilt angle adjustment2

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