Lumbar Support - One of the 8 Major Parts of Office Chairs

Speaking of lumbar support, we have already learnt about the 3 types of lumbar support. And in this part, we will continue to analyze the structure, shape,advantages and choosing tips of the lumbar support. Now, let’s talk about the structure of backrest first.

1. The Structure of Backrest

1.1 Integrated /One-piece Backrest Structure

This Integrated structure is very common in leather chairs. Speaking of lumbar support, let’s talk about the structure of the backrest

* Frame structure, integrated and independent.

One-piece structure is very common in leather chairs. The seat and back of the chubby-looking leather chair are usually made of one-piece curved wood (plywood).

In China, this kind of seat is generally used by business leaders. It looks heavy and it is not very comfortable. Like a seesaw, when you lean back, your buttocks will sink, your calves will rise. Then, leaders with short legs may have their heels off the ground, so the leader’s position is not easy to sit on.


The seat and back of the one-piece mesh chair is also a whole frame, as shown in the picture. It is more popular outside China. We also have overall chair Kits for sale.


1.2 Independent Backrest Structure

The back of the chair is an independent whole, connected with the base through the mechanism. 

It’s easy to tilt. Generally, the tilt elasticity of the seat back of this structure is the hardness of the chair back, which can be adjusted.

The adjustments for the wide and fat body needs to be harder to avoid falling backwards. While the adjustments for the petite and short ones needs to be looser, making it easy to fall back.

It is best to choose a chair with an independent back. As for the tilt mechanism, it is one of the 8 major parts of office chair, we can know more from “The Different Types of Tilt Mechanisms”.


2. The Shape of Lumbar Support

There are 2 main points here, shoulders and waist.

2.1 For shoulder

If the shoulder parts of the backrest are at right angles, the corners may easily get problems. Therefore, the corners are better to be rounded. So that the corners can be not easy to get dirty, not easy to wear, and not easy to open the line. Of course, it is also safer. Besides, the shoulder area cannot be rolled inward. Some chair manufacturers use cheap and low quality back frames. People will really feel a sense of pressure or pinching on shoulders, sitting in there. But the people with a small skeleton don’t need to worry about that.

2.2 For waist

For the waist, 2D modeling is basically popular. The waist area will be convex, supporting the lumbar spine. Many people are uncomfortable sitting on the chair here, feeling their lumbar spine hurt. The pain of the physical body may be tolerated. But the key is that it will wear down your clothes. It is best to choose a 3D shape, with lumbar lordosis, and the two waists are rolled forward and inward. This will fully fit the waist of the human body and disperse the support.


3. The Advantage of Using Lumbar Support

After sitting in the office and working with the computer for a day, the neck, shoulders, and back will be sore. Especially when the seat is uncomfortable and the position of the computer is relatively low.

Incorrect sitting posture may also cause back pain, such as sitting leaning forward, sitting lying back, etc., are more harmful to the lumbar spine. The advantage of using lumbar support:

3.1 It can correct the sitting posture by supporting the waist well and preventing it from collapsing.

3.2 Relax the waist and let it lean on comfortably, so that the lumbar spine can fully rest.

4. How to choose a suitable lumbar support?

4.1 For office use, it is recommended to choose a lumbar support with better support. As it will not be effective if it is too soft.

4.2 As for the fitting degree, there must be a curvature. So the lumbar spine can fit well on the lumbar pad, feeling supported.

4.3 The breathability must be great, so that it will not be too uncomfortable to use in summer.

4.4 Height adjustable. Due to the different height of the desk, the lumbar pad should be height adjustable.

Moreover, people have different postures and individual sitting positions. Research shows that people adjust their postures on average every 30 minutes. Each posture needs the most comfortable fit and support, which requires flexible adjustment of the lumbar support. In recent years, there are many left and right split lumbar supports on the market or the wings-like back frames.

4.5 The rebound effect should also be good, and you can’t choose a cushion that is too soft for temporary comfort.

4.6 A control room or call center chair like Heathrow is worth considering for the heavy duty office chair.


Nowaday the chair is asked for more function for the ergonomics issue, because people will spend lot of time on the chair every day.



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