Nylon Chair Bases VS PP Chair Bases

For office chairs, the base is a very important accessory. The quality of the chair bases is related to the overall quality level. Generally speaking, in addition to metal bases, plastic(PP) and nylon(PA66) are the most commonly used materials for manufacturing office chair bases. How can consumers distinguish the materials of the chair bases? Let’s first learn about their respective characteristics.

Plastic (PP) Chair Bases


  1. Rigid and tough. High bending strength, fatigue resistance and stress crack resistance
  2. Lightweight
  3. Keepits mechanical properties at high temperatures


  1. Easy to become brittle below 0°C
  2. Poor weather resistance

Usually marked below the regular chair bases.


  1. Strength is higher than all polyamide varieties
  2. It has higher yield strength and rigidity than nylon 6 and nylon 610
  3. High strength, toughness, rigidity and low friction coefficient in a wide temperature range
  4. Resistant to oil and many chemical reagents and solvents
  5. Good wear resistance


  1. High hygroscopicity
  2. The impact strength is reduced in a dry environment
  3. The forming process is not easy to control
Swivel Nylon Chair Base NPA-A
Swivel Nylon Chair Base NPA-A
Office Nylon Chair Base NPA-B

It can be seen from the above that the nylon material is an ideal material for making chair bases, and it has good climate adaptability.

From our long-term actual observations, it is concluded that the normal service life of nylon chair bases can reach about three years. And that is one of the reasons why many furniture companies guarantee three years of quality.

The nylon bases are slightly different from the plastic feet (PP) in shape, but the nylon bases are obviously slimmer. The PP foot is slightly thicker to ensure it can be used.

Compared with plastic chair bases, nylon chair bases are much more expensive, so there are PP bases with the same shape as nylon bases on the market. But there is no PA66 logo. The sound of nylon bases are more crisp. You should pay more attention to differences when buying office chairs.

For nylon and PP chair base, the production process is injection molding, but for the nylon, it need a special modification for the injection molding machine, otherwise the production efficiency will be very low. This is another additional cost.

For the manufacturer view, you will have other information. Please check the following link, you will have other idea of the issue: Office chair part manufacturer

In addition to plastics, there are aluminum, chrome-metal that have different characteristics.

The difference between them, there is an article in this issue: The differences between nylon, aluminum & chrome Office Chair Base.



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