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Customized Gas Cylinders

Customizing Gas Cylinders

Every market has its own special requests.

With our team’s hard work, we can always provide the suitable gas cylinders for our clients and satisfy them, making sure they can be successful in their markets.

The followings are the two cases:

Customize Gas Cylinder Size


Customized Design Layout

Customer sends us a design layout of gas cylinder with the specific sizes ( marked by the blue circles) and confirms with us.

Customized gas cylinder - design layout
Customized gas cylinder - design layout 1


Complete Product Details

According to the customer’s specific design layout, we will make a layout that includes more complete design details by Autodesk.

Gas cylinder - Autodesk design


Pre-production Sample

Professionals will be arranged to make the gas cylinder sample in strict accordance with the requirements of the design drawings.

Gas cylinder pre-production sample
Gas cylinder pre-production sample 1


Mass Production

Deposit done, the production of gas lifts will begin.

Gas cylinder mass production


Package & Shipment

After confirming all the issues with customer, our professional service dept will book the right vessel and arrange the container loading.

Gas cylinder package and shipment

Customize Gas Cylinders for -40 °C environment


Quotation & Sample Sending

We received a quotation from a Russian customer. Then we sent him the regular samples of the following models:

  • XYM100    2pcs
  • XYM120    2pcs
  • XYM140    2pcs
Gas cylinder samples


Sample Testing

The customer tested the samples and gave us feedback on the test situation: the gas cylinders had gas leakage in an environment of -40 °C.

Test for Gas cylinder samples
Test for Gas cylinder samples 1


Cause Analysis

A. Gas Test — Pass

Nitrogen purity > 99.99%

B. Parts Test

The temperature range that the plastic parts of gas cylinder can withstand is -30 °C ~ 60 °C. The gas cylinder used by the customer was under a temperature environment of -40 °C , so the plastic parts shrank. With the sealing plastic part shrank, the gas leakage occurred.



Problem Solving

A. For Plastic Sealing Parts

Add some cold-resistant and frost-resistant materials to improve the cold resistance ability.

B. For Hardware Parts

Reinforce the hardness, use QPQ inner tube with a thickness of 2mm.

Gas cylinder Inner tube - plastic sealing
Gas cylinder Inner tube - plastic sealing
Gas cylinder - plastic outer tube
Gas cylinder - plastic outer tube


Pre-production Sample & Mass Production

Our professionals made the improved gas cylinder sample for the customer to test and confirmed the order. 

Multiple tests were made to ensure that there will be no gas leakage.

Deposit done, the production of gas cylinders began.

Mass Production of Gas Cylinders


Storage Suggestions for the Customer

(1) Try to keep the storage room temperature above -30°C.
(2) Occasionally do a sampling inspection to ensure no gas leakage in the gas cylinders.
(3) Keep close contact with us. We will try our best to serve every customer and solve every problem.

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