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Office Chair

Office Chair Casters are pivoting rollers attached to the bottom of the base, which make the movement of chair easy. A caster is usually made up of a wheel within a mounted frame, or fork. 

Main material: plastic and metal

Main production method: injection molding

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Our Office Chair Casters

1. Office Chair Caster NCT01

  • Material: Nylon+GF
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 18.60
  • G.W/CTN: 19.30
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 60×29×26 cm

2. Office Chair Caster NCT02

  • Material: Nylon+GF
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 16.80
  • G.W/CTN: 17.60
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 60×29×26 cm

3. Office Chair Caster NCT50- 61G

Office Chair Caster NCT50-61G
Office Chair Caster NCT50-61G-(2)
  • Material: Nylon+GF
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 21.00
  • G.W/CTN: 21.80
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 60×29×26 cm
Office Chair Caster NCT50-61G-(1)

4. Office Chair Caster NCT50- 101W

Office Chair Caster NCT50-101W
Office Chair Caster NCT50-101W-(2)
  • Material: Nylon+GF+PU
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 21.00
  • G.W/CTN: 21.80
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 60×29×26 cm
Office Chair Caster NCT50-101W-(1)

5. Office Chair Caster NCT50- 231

  • Material: Nylon+GF
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 20.80
  • G.W/CTN: 21.60
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 60×29×26 cm

6. Office Chair Caster NCT50- 053BH

Office Chair Casters NCT50-053BH
Office Chair Caster NCT50-053BH-(2)
  • Material: Nylon+GF+PU+Stainless Steel
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 22.20
  • G.W/CTN: 23.00
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 60×29×25.6 cm
Office Chair Caster NCT50-053BH-(1)

7. Office Chair Caster NCT60- 251

  • Material: Nylon+GF+PU
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 25.00
  • G.W/CTN: 26.00
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 46×29.5×35 cm

8. Office Chair Caster NCT60- 282

Office Chair Caster NCT60-282
Office Chair Caster NCT60-282 (2)
  • Material: Nylon+GF
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 22.20
  • G.W/CTN: 23.00
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 46×29×35 cm
Office Chair Caster NCT60-282 (1)

9. Office Chair Caster NCT60- 901B

  • Material: Nylon+GF+PU
  • QTY/CTN: 100 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 27.20
  • G.W/CTN: 28.00
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 38×31.5×19.5 cm
Office Chair Caster NCT60-282 (1)

10. Office Chair Caster NCT65- 691PA

  • Material: Nylon+GF+PU
  • QTY/CTN: 200 pcs
  • N.W/CTN: 22.00
  • G.W/CTN: 23.00
  • CARTON BOX SIZE: 60×32.5×30 cm

Office Chair Caster Manufacturer Tell You

Are all office chair casters the same?

Most modern office chairs come with five sets of rolling casters. But the casters especially the heavy duty office chair casters will wear out over time, with their surface becoming rough. Then, the casters may scratch the floor easily and move less smoothly. So some customers may have to buy the new ones and replace the worn ones by themselves. At this time, they may have such a doubt: if all office chair casters are the same?

As a dealer or distributor, you must answer the above question for your customers and give them the corresponding guidance. Keep reading this article and you will figure it out. We will also tell you how to buy the best casters for your office chairs.

High quality office chair casters

Most caster stems have a same diameter

In fact, there’s a universal standard stem diameter (11mm width * 22mm height) for almost 95% of modern office chairs, except for IKEA chairs. While other 5% have a threaded stem with a standard size of 10 mm width * 20 mm height.

Case 1  Therefore, if you just want the casters with the same function of your broken ones, then you only need to pay attention to the stem connected to the chair base.

Case 2   But if you want the casters of higher quality, then you should focus on their appearance, size and load-carrying capacity. From this perspective, all caster are different.

For the appearance difference, there are mainly these 2 kinds: twin-wheel and single-wheel. Of these, twin-wheel casters are probably the most commonly used casters in office chairs. 

As for the size, it is actually the height of casters from ground or their diameter. And there are size of generally 50mm, 60mm, 65mm, 70mm and other options on the market.

In terms of the carrying capacity, it’s always classified as:

① Common office chair casters and ② heavy duty office chair casters.

Which type of casters are best for heavy duty office chairs?

It is required that the overall load-bearing weight of the chair must reach more than 200kg for a heavy duty office chair. Accordingly, every part of the chair must be good quality. Casters are no exception. To satisfy the heavy duty requirement, the quality of every small component of the casters needs to be guaranteed.

Components of heavy duty office chair casters

The commonly used twin-wheel caster is composed of the following 3 parts (as shown above)

1) Plastic wheel

It occupies most of the entire caster. Different grades of plastic can determine the quality and price of the entire wheel. While for the heavy duty caster wheels, they must be made of nylon material with appropriate glass fiber materials added to enhance wear resistance. And it’s necessary to control the temperature and time during injection molding.

2) Caster bearing

3) Stem

The raw materials of these two parts are iron. Besides, heavy duty casters must made of industrial-grade steel, which can support loads up 850 pounds.

Testing for the casters

After making sure that the casters are made of the correct raw materials, how do we ensure that their quality is up to standard? Now, let’s make a test for them.

1) Salt spray detection of metal fittings

Ensure that they will be not easy to rust in wet environments.

Salt spray detection of metal fittings
Salt spray detection of metal fittings-1

2) Load-bearing and wear-resisting testing

Put the casters on the chair frame on which place a certain weight of sandbags. Then, turn the casters back and forth to check whether the casters will break or not.

Load bearing and wear resisting testing
Load bearing and wear resisting testing-1

In Conclusion

Our office chair casters that have undergone the strict production quality control have the following characteristics. Welcome to inquire.

  • No Damage To Your Floors and Carpets

Protect your expensive hardwood floors and carpets from damage. Our soft polyurethane casters are good quality, leaving no scratches or marks on any surface. (Not compatible with I-K-E-A chairs)

  • Heavy Duty Capable

Our heavy duty office chair casters are made of polyurethane and industrial grade steel. And they can support loads up to 850 lbs!

Our office chair casters-1
  • Smooth & Quiet

Smooth and Quiet Rolling. It is designed newly with dustproof cap. Besides, its 3.5″ bearings combined with shock absorbing polyurethane tires can have a smooth and quiet rolling.

  • Easierto install

Just follow the installation instructions, your customer can install by themselves. How to install: pull out the old office chair casters and push in the new wheels without tools.

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