Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing Conference Chairs

Purchasing the suitable conference chairs is not a easy decision to make. As a conference chair supplier, we have many years of experience on selling conference chairs and deeply understand how an important task it is.

For many companies, this is one of the few rooms that customers will see. For this, we have been trying to impress the meeting area space. In fact, meeting rooms need more than aesthetics. Besides, it also needs to provide visitors with functionality and comfort.

In the following, we will analyze the significant considerations for purchasing conference chairs.


1. Seating material

The material you choose for your new conference chairs is very important. When making this decision, aesthetics, durability and comfort will come to mind. However, the order of importance and the organization of those 3 factors will be different.

People tend to choose leather upholstery rather than fabric substitutes for a high-end conference rooms. Lower cost alternatives, like Leather Plus and Eco Leather, are made from recycled leather. Mesh and fabric upholstery can save some costs to top grain leather, depending on the quality of the material. Most of these types of upholstery are more durable than artificial leather.



Conference Chair 826C



Conference Chair 864C



Conference Chair 604-3C

People have meetings in the conference room where they will not stay very long for the general meeting, whose time is not too long.

So in addition to choosing mobile office chairs with a base and casters, many people will also choose comfortable non-movable conference chairs. Their base is like an 工-shaped, and they are very comfortable to sit on with simple structure. Moreover the cost is low.


Chair base with casters


Non-movable chair base

Non-movable chair frame choices

Chrome Metal Chair Frame - NH28
Metal Chair Frame - NH19

Most basic tilt mechanisms will be cheaper than high-end ergonomic tilt mechanisms, which can help to reduce costs.

On the other hand, with the basic tilt mechanisms, users will not play with chairs during meetings. This may result in an inability to focus on the task at hand. The following is a selection of the basic mechanisms — Swivel Tilt Mechanisms.

Choosing a chair with a more advanced mechanism also has its benefits. It can give users a more customized fit and more comfort.

If the conference room is always used by the same people, they can better understand the function of the chair. So they will use the adjustment frequently.

One of the biggest problems with multifunction tilt mechanisms is not fully used by people, because they know less about how the mechanisms work.

4. Arm Design

We briefly introduced the chair arm design in the adjustment section. The adjustable armrest will change the overall design of the armrest of the conference chair.  

Loop arm is the most commonly used arm design in conference rooms. Most of these loop arm have a fixed height and width. Or, you can find T-style armrests and armrests fixed to the back of the chair.  Each design has its own advantages.

3D Office Chair Armrest NAD028
3D Office Chair Armrest NAD028
3D Office Chair Armrest NAD028 design
Office Chair Armrest-NAD-02
Office Chair Armrest-NAD-02
3D-Armrest-NAD068 design

Comparison of loop arms and T-arms

The most basic arm, the loop arm, is a good choice for meeting rooms. Without the adjustment function, people’s focus will be set on the meeting, and create a high-end design.

The loop arms


Many loop arms have upholstery arm pads, which can offer additional padding. This can create a beautiful appearance and a comfortable feeling.

There are several different design options for the armrest attached to the back of the conference chair. Many loop arm designs will be attached to the seat and backrest. When the arm is connected to the backrest, it is much easier to maintain proper arm support when tilting. With the arms tied to the back, they must move with the backrest to provide continuous support for your arms when tilted.


With the armrests fixed, users will have to fit themselves to the chair, not the other way around. This may be uncomfortable.

Loop arms are also often the easiest to hit the conference table. This may break down the material on the arm or sometimes on the conference table.


Conference Chair 814C 


Conference Chair 604-3C 

The T-arms


Although not all T-arms provide more adjustments, many of them will include height and width adjustments. These features allow users to create more suitable customizations for their bodies. Depending on the height range, they can be adjusted enough to fit under the conference table. This will protect the chairs and tables from damage.


When T-style arms are used, they are connected to the bottom of the seat and most do not move at the same speed as the backrest. This creates a sense of discontinuity, not as comfortable as the arm attached to the backrest.

5. Chair Overall Size

When considering the size of a conference chair, you should keep in mind the following two main factors.

  • Maximize the space around the conference table.
  • Ensure that your conference chairs are suitable for the people who will sit in them.

For maximizing meeting table space, most people consider two specific scenarios.

  • First, the daily usage of the meeting room and the number of people expected.
  • Second, for the less frequent meetings, that will require extra seats.

As for daily seating, make sure to provide enough space for everyone to get in and out of their space easily. The shape of the conference table will determine how users fit the two ends of the table. And also whether people have to straddle part of the table legs. A few more inches between the chairs is the minimum requirement for daily use.


Finally, the last consideration for the chair size is to fit everyone comfortably on the chairs. Because it is a conference room, the chairs are likely to be used by different people. So for most meeting spaces, I recommend that you check for seat widths above 19 inches.

In Conclusion

After you have thought out the above factors, you can decide the whole design of conference chairs the places need. Then, you can purchase the right conference chairs.



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