About Screw Lift Office Chair

If you have read our article “The Comparison of the Office Chair Lift : Mechanical Screw, Hydraulic and Gas”, then you must know the screw lift was used for lifting office chairs in the early days. Its working principle is to manually adjust the mechanical height of the screw and make it fixed.

Introduction of Screw Lift Office Chair

In this article, we will explore more about the screw lift office chairs and see what they look like.

First, let’s look at the most ancient screw lift office chair whose main frame are made of wood and only the screw lift and casters are made of steel or other metal.

Ancient wooden screw lift office chair
Ancient Screw Lift

Later, with the development and progress of technology and the higher requirements of people for the convenience of office chair adjustment, this mechanical screw lift has also been adjusted in appearance design and improved in technology. Therefore, the new type mechanical screw lift like the below picture appeared and it is still used in some office chairs.

New type screw lift
New type screw lift-1

The above 2 pictures are from the brand “3pplast”.

However, though with various improvements, the adjustment of this kind of mechanical screw lift is still not convenient and kind of difficult. And that means the adjustment efficiency is low which is not a good choice for the office workers who pursue efficiency.

Thus, it’s no surprise that its production gradually dwindled and has now been replaced by gas lift cylinder.

Introduction of Screw Lift Office Chair

You may wonder why the gas lift cylinders can make up a huge part of the market share of office chair lift and why it is so important for ergonomics office chairs.

Well, they can enhance the comfort of seating and optimize the ergonomic benefits which are deeply loved by people and in line with the diverse needs of the human body.

The standard gas lift cylinders are graded in different class including class 2, class 3, class 4. Among them class 3 and class 4 are more popular and widely used for their long lasting feature, super strong and the ability to support load. And the gas lift cylinder of class 4 are suitable for load of up to 250kg. While the class 3 one is ideal enough for the lighter loads of 150kg and less.

And we, as an professional and experienced office chair parts manufacturer and wholesaler, also offer the gas cylinders of some special class like class 2+, class 3+, class 4+. So our clients can have more choices.

What’s more, according to different classification objects such as the production technology of gas cylinder bottom and surface treatment process, we provide different series of gas lift cylinders. For more details, you can refer to the “Series of Our Gas Cylinder”.

Bottom Cover of Welding series Gas Cylinder

Welding Series

Double Cone Gas Cylinder - bottom cover

Double Cone Series

Bottom Cover of Curling Gas Cylinder

Curling Series

Auto-return Gas cylinder

Automatic Return Rotation

Locating Gas cylinder

Locating Rod

QPQ-series Gas cylinder

QPQ Series – customized

∅38mm series Gas cylinder

∅38 mm Series – customized

Below is a video showing one of the gas cylinder manufacturing processes. If you are interested to know more about this manufacturing things, you can find the answer in “How is Office Chair Gas Cylinder Produced?” and “Chair Gas Cylinder Manufacturers: What Are the Necessary Facilities?“.


Just in terms of appearance and performance, gas lift cylinders will be more diverse than screw lift, also more concise and convenient. The ergonomic office chair with gas lift cylinder is the main stream, while the screw lift office chair will gradually disappear in the market.

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