Snychro Mechanism Office Chairs

What are synchronic mechanism chairs?

Synchronic Mechanism Chairs or “synchronous” chairs are the latest developments in chair ergonomics. They can automatically move the seat back and seat together for optimal support with a Synchro Tilt Mechanism.

The advantages of Synchro Tilt Mechanisms:

  • This kind of chairs are dynamic and can move with you. No matter how you move, you can keep full contact with the backrest. When you are working at the desk, the backrest can move forward with you. However, if you lie down to answer the phone , the backrest will move backward.
  • It can also make your body muscles move more throughout the day.
  • It’s a good choice for flexible and open workplaces where staff use different desks and chairs every day. The chair only requires the user to make the minimal adjustments and allows the user to reach a near-optimal posture every time.

Some Synchro Mechanism Chairs are designed with a lever that can lock or unlock synchronized actions. Besides, they may have synchronized tension adjustment devices that allow you to adjust the required tension to suit your weight.

Other Synchro Tilt Mechanisms are fully activated by weight and automatically adjust the synchronous tension according to your weight.

Below is a guide to making the most of the Synchro mechanical chair. Note that not all synchronous mechanism chairs are the same, and the position and operation of the lever may be different.




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