The Advantages of Nylon Chair Base

Nylon Chair Base -- Best choice for Gaming Chairs Under $150

Gaming chair nylon base
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What would be the best kind of base for gaming chairs? The nylon chair base is definitely the perfect one.

Nowadays, more and more younger consumers are keen on gaming chair. In response to this trend, the market has launched gaming chairs of various prices and styles.

As a result, the competition in the field of gaming chairs is fierce. While the quality is uneven. As for gaming chairs of high quality brands, such as Herman Miller, Secretlab, AKRacing, Noblechairs, DXRacer, although their shelf life is as high as 10 years, they are also very expensive.

The survey found that many consumers are actually more inclined to buy the gaming chairs with a service life of 3-5 years below $150.

Therefore, if your products target at this type of customers, we recommend you use good quality Nylon base instead of Chrome base or Aluminum base.

The video below is one of the hot sale nylon chair base NPA-A.

Durability of nylon chair base

The advantages of nylon chair base on Material

Nylon, commonly referred to as “PA” (PA 6 or PA 66), is usually available in black, white, or its natural color (off-white or beige). It is probably one of the most common variants used in engineering applications. Because it can be extruded, nylon is ideal for plastic injection molding and 3D printing. And it can said to be an ideal replacement for metals in high temperature applications thanks to its high melting point.

Office Nylon Chair Base NPA-N
Swivel Nylon Chair Base NPA-D

The bearing capacity of nylon chair base

A high quality nylon base can usually safely handle at least 250 lbs. A professional nylon chair base manufacturers can control the material input to meet your requirements for the bearing capacity of the gaming chair, like adjusting the ratio of new materials, recycled materials and glass fiber in the nylon raw materials. What’s more, they will make sure the loading capacity is in line with the requirement through the the BIFMA static pressure test or punch test.

chair base manufacturing factory


The followings are the comparisons between the nylon chair base and the other 2 types of chair base including the aluminium base and the chrome base.

Nylon base vs Aluminium base

Due to the high material cost for the aluminum base, the price of the aluminum gaming chair base will be relatively high. And so, it is not suitable for most consumer groups who pursue cost-effectiveness. The raw material cost of Nylon Base is relatively low, which is very suitable for middle-end and low-end products.

Just with some nylon bases that meet the bearing standards, and you can design a nice gaming chair.

In addition, compared with aluminum base, nylon base has many advantages which can highlight the characteristics of gaming chair. As shown below, especially if the gaming chair is planned to use at home, the the one with a nylon base would be better. Because the nylon base is more smooth and safe for the families with little children.

Aluminum Base
Nylon Base
Nylon base & Aluminum base & Chrome base

Nylon base vs Chrome base

Maybe you think that the material cost of the Chrome Base is not really high, and it is also a good choice for a mid-end gaming chair. This thought may sound quite right but it does not quite meet the market demand for the following reasons:

  • The shapes of the chrome bases are mainly of round tubes, square tubes or bent iron plates.
  • While their styles are mostly traditional and decent, which is the exact opposite of the avant-garde style of NYLON BASE with multiple colors.
  • Besides, the appearance of chrome bases can not quite satisfy the aesthetics of gaming chair users. They are also not very compatible with UPHOLSTERED SEAT.
  • Most gamingchairs in the market are not equipped with chrome bases.

In the table below, the nylon base is compared with the chrome base. And we can know the advantages of nylon bases through this table.

Chrome Base
Nylon Base

For more information about the differences of the 3 kinds of chair base, please read “The Differences Between Nylon, Aluminum & Chrome Office Chair Base“.

In Conclusion

After combing some knowledge about the nylon base, we can make a conclusion that it is very flexible and diverse not only in its appearance but also its loading capacity. And most importantly, it is the most cost-effective one (with the premise that you have chosen a great chair base manufacturer).


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