The Characteristics of Gaming Chairs Different From Ergonomic Chairs

1. Different fabric

The fabric mainly used for gaming chairs are PVC, PU or artificial leather. And most of the fabrics on the gaming chairs are mixed and matched. This is to facilitate the matching of the colors of the gaming chairs. And for that the gaming chairs can present different styles. What’s more, the leather chair surface is easy to clean up. If you have your own design or other ideas, you can also find a reliable chair part manufacturer to OEM Gaming Chairs.

2. High and straight backrest

The backrest is one of the most important parts of a chair. Generally, the high straight backrest can be used to distinguish the gaming chair from other chairs. 

In fact, the high straight backrest design of the gaming chair makes up for the problems of most computer chairs at present. For example, the low backrest does not provide space for the head and neck to rely on and rest. But the gaming chair can keep the body’s sitting posture from fatigue. And this is also the main feature of the gaming chairs.

As game players tend to sit for a long time, the players’ backs are prone to fatigue. Therefore, the backrests of gaming chairs are designed with a curved shape, which makes the back of the chair more suitable for the physiological curve of the human body and reduces fatigue. 

Most of them are equipped with neck pillows and lumbar pillows.

The neck pillow is leaning on the back of our neck, which can support our cervical spine and avoid harm to the cervical spine.

The lumbar pillows is placed on our waist to support the physiological bending of the waist and try to keep the waist in a natural and comfortable state.

Therefore, the current gaming chairs can achieve the same effect as the ergonomic chair.


Main difference on backrest between ergonomic chair and gaming chair

There are also neck pillows and lumbar pillows on the ergonomic chair, but the ones on the ergonomic chair mostly cannot be moved. 

However, most of the neck pillows and lumbar pillows on the gaming chair can be changed in position. And the interior of gaming chairs is mostly filled with sponge. So it feels very soft and comfortable to sit on. But this also comes to the problem of ventilation. It will be a little stuffy when the weather is hot. 

The ergonomic chairs mostly have a mesh structure, which has better air permeability. However, the mesh structure is easy to absorb dust and is difficult to clean.

3. The overall effect

Due to the high and straight backrest of the gaming chair, the overall visual effect of the gaming chair is obviously different from other chairs. Coupled with the color matching of the gaming chair, the overall is stylish, elegant, practical, and decorative.

4. Upgraded steel frame

Gaming chairs are different from the ordinary chairs. Because the internal frame structure of gaming chairs is optimized on the original basis. The overall frame is thicker by 1 mm, which improves comfort and safety.



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