The Importance of Gaming Chair Gas Lifts

Why Gas lift cylinders are important for Gaming Chairs?

The gaming chair gas lift is very important for the operation of the overall function of the entire chair and also the durability.

Gaming chair lift

Nowadays, the gaming chairs come in a great many different types from the rockers, pedestals to racing and regular ones. And the first step in finding the perfect gaming chairs is to consider which type is best for your consumers. So you may care more about the appearance of the gaming chairs like the following points, right?

*what style of design, color matching, and whether they are very cool

And so, in some cases, you may ignore their function and durability which may affect the reputation of your business or store.

As we mentioned above,  GAS LIFT is one of the factors that determine the function of gaming chairs. Thus, the quality of gas lift to a certain extent, will affect the whole chairs.  When the gas lift doesn’t work, then the lifting or lowering of gaming chair can not be realized.

Now, you may wonder how to discern a broken or inferior gaming chair gas cylinder. 

How do we know the gaming chair gas lift doesn't work any more?

After a period of use, the users will find that many chair parts may go wrong. Among them, the problem that the gaming chair gas lift not working is the most common one for the gaming chair users.

When the following problems appear on the gaming chair gas lift, that means it is not working any more.

  • The gaming chair drops directly after seated and no longer raise up.
  • The chair becomes slower as soon as you sit down, and it rises automatically when you stand.

Why Gaming chair gas lift not working ?

1) Something go wrong with the structural tightness of the chair gas lift, resulting in nitrogen leakage.

2) Damage to the chair gas lift affects the overall function.

It can be seen from the gas cylinder structure diagram below that it is made up of 25 components. For more information about product structure, please refer to our product page Gas Cylinder. Any problems of any component can cause the overall functionality to fail. The safety of gas lift must be guaranteed, and class 4 gas lift is necessary. So we must consider configuration of high-quality chair gas lift when choosing GAMING CHAIR.


Therefore, there is no doubt that a high quality gaming chair gas lift is always essential for a perfect and durable gaming chair. And for the gaming chair designers and manufacturers, you always can trust our Onex Chair Parts, an experienced chair parts manufacturer.

Now that, we all know how important a quality gas lift is for the gaming chairs. Then, let’s continue to dig out what else can make a perfect gaming chair.

What other chair parts can define a perfect gaming chair?

Chair parts for gaming chair

Tilt Mechanism 

A tilt mechanism is a basic component that is critical for ergonomic gaming chair seating. Users can raise or lower the seat to reach an optimum and correct seated position by adjusting it. So when selecting the tilt mechanisms for your gaming chairs, be sure to choose the good quality and heavy-duty ones. Only on this basis, your customers are willing to buy. Our Tilt mechanism NBC004S , NB004, NG003B are the popular mechanisms for gaming chair. And they are good quality with 3 year warranty.


Armrests can really change the design of a chair and also the comfort. There are reports that chairs with armrests can help support our shoulders and wrists while gaming. It’s not an essential addition to a gaming chair, but it to a certain extent can make the the marathon gaming sessions more effortless. After all, gaming should be comfortable and not compromise users’ posture or health!

We offer all kinds of armrest, including 2D/3D/4D.

Chair Base

chair base can be seen as the foundation of the chair, no exception for the gaming chairs. It can distribute the weight of the whole chair and the user to the casters. Because the BASE made of nylon material can be easily changed in shapes and colors according to the styles of gaming chairs. It has become popular in recent years. And here are some of our special designs of our nylon gaming chair bases.

Gaming chair bases
Gaming chair base

Chair Casters

Casters can be considered to be the wheels underneath the gaming chairs. They can let the chairs to move around. There are usually five of them connected with the chair base beneath each chair. And if they are damaged, user’s movement will be restricted. What’s worst, it may cause scratches on user’s flooring. 

You should know that smaller caster wheels are more difficult to roll, so that you can also give some guide to your customers. On the contrary, the larger the wheels, the easier they can move, especially on the carpeted flooring. The below Dia 60 / 65 ones are perfect for gaming chairs. They are bigger than the Dia 50 Casters on common office chairs.

Gaming chair caster - NCT65-06
Gaming chair caster NCT-20CH
Gaming chair caster NCT60-21CH



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