The New Class 4 Gas Lift

Why Gas lift cylinders are so important in Ergonomic Chairs ?

The gas lift cylinder enhances the comfort of seating and is ergonomics. With the gas lift cylinder, the chair seat can not only be rotated left and right, but also be adjusted in height. What’s more, a gas lift cylinder is light, which also reduces the overall weight of the whole chair.

Gas lift cylinder sizes and classes

In general, the universal gas lift cylinders size includes an outer tube of ∅50 diameter and an inner tube of ∅28 diameter.

According to the thickness of the inner and outer tube walls of the gas lift cylinder, the gas lift cylinder is generally divided into four classes. You may wonder how to classify them.  In fact, if it is thicker, its grade is higher and its quality is better.

Among the four classes, Class 2 and Class 3 are the most commonly used now.

However, in order to enhance the stability of the chair and the durability of the gas lift cylinder, we strongly recommend the Class 4 gas lift cylinder. Ours have a 1.5mm outer tube wall and a 2.0mm thick inner tube. Most significantly, it adopts hydrogenation technology to enhance the inner tube hardness.

We always strive to offer you solutions which has the outstanding added value. That’s why we introduce the new Class 4 gas lift to our range (QPQ series)

Thanks to its enhanced features, it boasts the best performance currently among the gas lift cylinders available on the market. And it represents the best value for money.

Our Class 4 gas lift is available in the four standard sizes: S65MM, S85MM, S100MM and S120MM

QPQ-series Gas cylinder

QPQ Series – customized 


1. XYM-65

2. XYM-85

3. XYM-100

4. XYM-120





























Customized size is warmly welcome! Our technical team will give the best advice based on your chair.

Class 4 gas lift weight limit

The class 4 gas lift is known to be durable, extremely strong and capable of supporting loads. While Class 3 gas lift is ideal for loads as light as 150kg, Class 4 is suitable for loads up to 250kg.

If you are designing a heavy duty chair, then Class 4 gas lift is your prefect option.

What’s more, our Class 4 gas lifts which have been through various kinds of professional tests for chair parts come with a 5 year quality warranty. To know more about the testing for our gas cylinders, you can visit our Gas Cylinder product page.

Because the Class 4 gas lift bears more weight and is stronger. You can also use it to replace a damaged gas lift to keep your chair functioning properly. And to replace an old gas lift can keep your chair functioning better.

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