High Back Drafting Chair Parts

- Permanent Contact Mechanism and Others

1. What is a high back drafting chair used for?

A chair designed specifically for the users working on drafting tables or other elevated surfaces above normal office-desk height. Especially in some industrial industries, the working table is always higher than the conventional table height of 75cm.

Who may need the drafting chairs?

For example, workers need to monitor the operation of the machine all day long. If there is no robotic equipment, they need to take out the products from the production machine, or they need to perform flow operations on a high product conveyor belt. In this case, the operator is expected to sit on the chair for most of the day. If the chair height and back are adjustable, then the industrial workers can perform the work comfortably.


2.The permanent contact mechanism of a high back drafting chair

Drafting chairs come in many different designs, colors, and variable height and back adjustments, suitable for normal drafting or tasks with elevated work areas. The main difference between drafting chairs and office chairs is their chair parts used to adjust the height and backrest.

2.1 Permanent contact mechanism

Same as 24/7 office workers, an ergonomic work chair is very important for any person in the industrial or workshop environment. Therefore, safety, comfort and effectiveness should be focused on.

The height of many industry working plates are not the same as the standard height of office tables. When setting up a factory or workshop, a drafting chair with permanent contact mechanism is the first choice for workers, because of its ergonomic features. Such as: 

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Tilt of seat at certain degree
  • Chair back height adjustment
  • Knocking back bar at any degree
  • Tightness degree of seat tilting adjustment
  • Seat that can move forward and backward

Permanent contact mechanisms: examples

Multifunction Tilt Mechanism NT007G
Multifunction Tilt Mechanism-NT004B
Multifunction Tilt Mechanism NT002H

We also have a series of Ergonomic Permanent contact mechanism like our NT007G, NT004B, NT002H. They are often used in DRAFTING CHAIR and are characterized by the following features:

  • Connecting the gas cylinders
  • Adjusting the height of the chair freely
  • Adjusting the height and inclination of the backrest separately
  • A sturdy board
  • Flexible to adjust
  • Very durable
Multifunction Tilt Mechanism-NT001
Multifunction Tilt MechanismNT001-design layout

Often, we can see industrial workers sitting on the front edge of the chair and leaning forward to perform the work. A seat angle that can be adjusted forward to create a negative tilt would be advantageous.  

Like our Multifunction Tilt Mechanism NT001, its Lever A can tilt the seat plate 1.5 degrees forward or 2.5 degrees backward. It is ergonomic and safe for workers to operate. It is popular in North America.

However, there are so many workers in factories that it would be a huge expense to equip each of them with a working chair like this. The cost is also very important especially in the tough economic time. Therefore, it needs to be considered carefully. Some tilt mechanisms with a simple design are also very popular.

Like our Tilt Mechanism ND005, it is an economical model. It can be used to adjust the height and angle of the back plate. Because of its simple but beautiful structure, it’s very popular in South America!

Multifunction tilt mechanism-ND005
Multifunction tilt mechanism-ND005

2.2 Foot rings

There are applications in workshops, factories or warehouses, where the chair may not be suitable. Moving to different workstations in different locations may be involved in the work. In these cases, a sit-stand solution should be considered. 

And a foot ring is required? The pedal generally has a KNOB that can adjust the tension. It can also be removed at any time according to your work needs.

Aluminum Foot Ring BQ450A
Aluminum Foot Ring BQ450A

3. PU chairs VS Drafting chairs

The PU anti-static chair is very similar to the DRAFTING CHAIR we mentioned above. It is also used in industrial place and laboratories.

Examples and advice:

In certain industrial environments such as food processing, the work chairs which are easy to clean may be necessary.

In such applications, non-porous vinyl upholstery is better than fabrics, because the vinyl is easy to wipe clean with mild detergent. And if the chair is torn or worn, it is easy to reupholster. This is the great thing about vinyl upholstery.


When should we use a PU chair?

In some workshops, you need a stronger chair. It is best to use a factory chair here. Because the seat and backrest of the factory chair are covered with self-skinning polyurethane foam (PU chairs). Besides, the PU chairs are very hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Their seats may not be as soft and comfortable as the traditional upholstered drafting chairs. But they are often also configured a permanent contact mechanism, which makes the chair ergonomic and gives the chair a number of adjustment functions. They make it convenient for people to work.

For more, you can read our article”Introduction of Anti-static Chairs

4. Conclusion

If you want to choose the most economical industrial chairs for your factory and workshop, you should carefully thinking through your needs and the following points: 

the application of chair, the working environment and correct factory ergonomics, and the cost.



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