TOP 3 Metal Chair Bases in 2022

Everything has its own trends, and metal chair bases are no exception. As a senior manufacturer and wholesaler of office chair parts, we have always followed or even led the trend of the chair part industry. In this article, we will introduce you to the new trends in 2022 and advantages of metal chair bases.

New design - detachable metal chair base in 2022

Our commonly used METAL OFFICE CHAIR BASE has five feet, like a five-pointed star. And it’s usually called five-star base. The commonly used materials are mainly flattened round tubes and tapered square tubes. Through the welding process, the five tubes are combined together. The entire metal chair base is very firm with five feet that are not easy to break.

However, such five-star bases are relatively large and require a lot of storage space. In order to save transportation space and cost for customers (Taking the customer demand as our important orientation is our consistent pursuit), we have launched the detachable five-star metal chair base. And the chair feet will not be reinstalled onto the base trunk until delivery to the customer.

M07C metal chair base
M02C metal chair base

Most importantly, the this type of chair bases is really a good choice to reduce the impact of the high sea freight on the customer’s import and purchase of the chair bases. What the 2 pictures show are our popular detachable five-star metal chair bases.

Apart from the detachable chair base design and our customer orientation, you may wonder if there are other reasons that our customers have chosen us among a great number of chair parts manufacturer and wholesalers. Now, we’re going to introduce our advantages on this range of chair parts to you.

The advantages of our metal chair bases

1) The grinding of the welding position is smooth.

2) The thickness of the all iron pipes is more than 1.2mm.

3) Electroplating or paint surface treatment can prevent rust well.

4) High quality. Our chair base products are mainly sold to Europe, reaching European standards.

5) Affordable price.

In addition, in the public activity space and some reception areas in the office environment, a chair with swivel four-star base is now popular. Such kind of chair is with a novel design, simple and elegant, light and beautiful. As shown below.

Muuto Chairs with swivel four-star bases

 (The chairs in the picture are the British brand Muuto)


Our NR01 METAL CHAIR BASE is specially made for the chairs of this style, which is not only diverse in functions but also in the collocation.

1) Matchable with plastic cushion or upholstery cushion, or any cushion style

2) Multiple spraying colors choices for the chair base surface.

3) With lifting function or fixed height

4) Rotatable or fixed direction

5) With wheels or no wheels

If the load-bearing requirements are very high, aluminum alloy materials can also be used instead of metal steel.

NR01 metal chair base
Chair with NR01 metal chair base

The chair bases mentioned above are our 3 latest and most popular metal chair bases in 2022. And we will keep focusing on the needs of our customers and bringing them more high-quality products and services. Follow us, you can get more fresher information about office chair parts.


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