What Are Office Chair Casters?


What are Casters?

In certain circumstances like when the wheel is just one part of the caster, people use the terms “wheel” and “caster” interchangeably.

A caster is a device containing wheels that are attached to the bottom of large objects like furniture, trailers, trucks, etc. And it can move objects faster and easier. 

Casters are used to pull and push objects instead of carrying them.

When were Casters Invented?

Since ancient civilization, wheels has been used in the carry of large objects. Centuries later in 1876, the casters were first patented by a man named David A. Fisher. And the caster was originally designed for furniture.

The Development of Casters

When they were first invented, casters were mainly used for industrial purposes because they were very heavy. With their development, casters were made only with glass or leather to reduce sliding damage to wooden floors.

Casters today are still made from glass and leather. But there are many other materials, from plastic to iron, or anything in between, such as aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, or nylon. Now the design of casters also includes many functions like brakes, direction locks, shock absorption and high temperature resistance.

The Types of Casters

Rigid casters:

  • The most basic type of casters.
  • Cannot rotate.
  • Designed to move objects along a straight line.
  • Usually used as the rear wheel of a shopping cart.

Swivel casters:

  • Rotation allows the object to rotate 360°.
  • Used as the front wheels of a shopping cart.

Industrial casters:

  • A kind of heavy duty casters.
  • Designed to transfer the objects up to 30,000 pounds.
  • The design can include rigid or swivel casters. For example, Dolly carts use industrial rigid casters.

Braking and locking casters:

  • Any type of caster can include a special braking function, which is low cost and prevents the wheels from turning.
  • It is usually a small lever that can be pulled to stop the movement of objects.

The Advantages of Using Office Chair Casters

  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Make the movement of the chair more convenient
  • Capacity of heavy weights
  • Minimize possible injurious effects to the operator
  • Various casters choices

NCT50-053BH Office Chair Caster

NCT50-61G Office Chair Caster

NCT50-101W Office Chair Caster

The Production of Casters

We have distinguished the different types of office chair casters available, which can be made of many types of plastics and metals.

The split movable casters are mainly the caster bracket and the caster wheels. And they will correspond to the three major production process parts respectively.

(1) injection molding part (movable wheel part)

Bake material > cutting > injection > out wheel > trimming > cooling > install bearing

(2) hardware part (caster bracket part)

Blowing > Profiling > Drilling > Forming > Heat Treatment > Plating

(3) Assemble casters

Assembling the movable casters and the caster brackets together will use some parts. After the quality inspection, the casters are packed, packed into boxes, put in storage, and sold out.

In short, the above caster production process is not only suitable for movable casters, but also for fixed casters. The difference lies in the design of the caster bracket and the caster structure. But the specific caster production process is basically the same.

It is worth noting that the quality inspection equipment of casters and the quality inspection process of casters are important aspects to ensure the quality of casters. 

For the use, you need to clean and lubricate them to keep the chair rolling smoothly.



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