What Are the Reasons for Dropping of Pneumatic Office Chair?

Pneumatic office chair is a common type of chair in our daily life. Now many people like to have a pneumatic chair to at home, especially in the study.

Compared with ordinary seats, the pneumatic chair has many advantages, such as flexible movement and height adjustable. However, even the best pneumatic office chair will show some problems more or less after being used for a long time. Among them, there will be a situation where the pneumatic office chair will drop directly after sitting on it. You may wonder what are the causes?

The performance of pneumatic office chair dropping

The pneumatic office chair realizes height adjustment within a limited range by adding a gas cylinder (we offer OEM service for gas cylinders) installed on the column.

In the case that the chair become lower as soon as you sit down, and it rises again when you stand with the height nonadjustable. That means the spring is good and the gas cylinder is broken. So the pressure in the cylinder cannot support the body and the chair will also automatically drop. What’s worse, the computer chair may not be able to rise at all.

The analysis on the reasons of the pneumatic office chair dropping

The pneumatic office chair drop generally because there’re some problems with the pneumatic cylinder ( gas cylinder ). 

Common reasons for the dropping

  • The common reason is that the throttle valve connected to the height-adjusting wrench is out of seal, causing air leakage in the cylinder.
  • Or the sealing ring of the throttle valve is aging or worn, and the sealing ring needs to be replaced.

How to solve the dropping?

When the key to the problem is found, the following is how to solve it. Because it is  the problem of gas cylinders of the chair lift, it is difficult for us to repair it.

On one hand, consumers have little knowledge about its internal structure. On the other hand, consumers do not have special disassembly tools, so they can ask the after-sales personnel or personnel who specialize in repairing chair lifts for help. If no help from professional, then consumers can replace the gas cylinder with a new one by themselves.

Gas Cylinder - Welding Series
Gas Cylinder - Curling Series
Gas Cylinder - Curling Series
Gas cylinder - Double Cone Series

Finally, remind everyone that since the gas in the gas cylinder is high-pressure gas, don’t remove it without understanding it. This will be very dangerous.

Besides, there are also other articles about the reasons and consequences of the chair lift explosion. So if gas cylinder has a problem, it is better to find a professional to deal with it, or just buy a new office chair.


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