What to Consider When Importing Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinders

Different from common consumers, as an office chair manufacturer or professional import trader, you will consider more factors when importing office chair gas cylinders, including:

  1. Details of the gas cylinder itself;
  2. Supplier’s control of product quality and delivery time
  3. Product cost and logistics costs

In this post, we will just focus on the first part. That is the product details of the gas cylinders.

To find the suitable gas cylinders for your own factory or local market, you need to confirm the following product details.


1. Stroke of Gas Lift Cylinders

The stroke of a chair gas cylinder is actually the distance between the highest point and the lowest point that the office chair can reach.

The stroke is mainly determined by the gas lift cylinder and fixed for each cylinder.

And the stroke of 100mm and 120mm are the widest application range, which is especially suitable for staff chairs.

The stroke of 80mm may be mostly used for executive chairs or gaming chairs.

While the stroke of 160mm, 200mm, and 260mm are mostly used for bar chairs and laboratory chairs.

You need to choose the suitable stroke for your chair.

2. Size of Gas Lift Cylinders

The size or fit of the chair is another determining factor for whether the cylinder meets your needs. This refers to the size of the cylinder in terms of gas spring and column. The gas spring is the top of the cylinder and is the part that connects the tilt mechanism under the chair seat.

In a standard chair, the gas spring has a diameter of 1.1 inches (28 mm). It can also hold pressurized nitrogen and lubricating oil. There is a tapering of 17-4 at its very top, which is used for industry standard chairs. The gas spring also has a piston (shiny cylinder) that can move up and down when the height of the chair is adjusted.

The column of the gas cylinder is the circular part that enters the base of the chair and contains the gas spring. The color of most gas cylinders is usually black. The industry standard column diameter is 2 inches.

Many leisure or home office chairs may also need special sizes, such as Dia38mm. If the chair you design requires a special outer tube size, it can also be customized.

3. Material of Gas Lift Cylinders

The material used to make the gas lift cylinder will also determine its quality and service life.

All gas lift cylinders are a combination of metal and plastic. And they are divided into 4 Classes with Class 4 being the best quality. The Class 4 gas lift cylinders has a inner tube of 2.0mm thickness,  outer tube of 1.5mm thickness and hard plastic for a long service life. 

If the local market temperature is relatively high or relatively low, you may need to require the supplier to add cold-proof and high-temperature resistant elements into the plastic raw materials. So that it can prevent nitrogen leakage due to temperature.

In addition to materials, the quality of construction will also largely determine the life of the gas lift cylinder. The cylinder works by using pressurized nitrogen to raise and lower the chair. If nitrogen escapes due to poor manufacturing quality, the cylinder will not work properly.


4. Total Length of the cylinder (the protruding part under the chair base)

In addition to the stroke of the gas lift cylinder, another aspect that needs to be considered is its total length.

This is the length from the top of the gas spring to the bottom of the column. This determines how much the cylinder will protrude under the base when it is installed on the chair.

If the cylinder goes too deep under the base, it indicates that the cylinder you selected is too long. This can hinder other functions of the chair, such as rotation and movement.

If there is too little, the chair will be unstable, which indicates that the air lift cylinder is too short.


The safest method is to measure the total length of the current gas lift cylinder on the chair. And then choose a similar length as a substitute. Measure when compact and fully expanded, and then match the measured value of your current cylinder with the one you plan to replace.

These aspects will provide you with the gas lift cylinder required for the chair. For only a few dozen dollars, you can immediately restore or even improve the workings of the chair. Remember, you don’t need to get an exact copy of the current gas lift cylinder on the chair. As long as it matches the measured value and is of high quality, it will serve you.

5. Some special request.

Some special request for the cylinder may realize by the OEM or customized service. There are some case studies for your reference.

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