Why Are the Office Chairs with Molding Sponge More Comfortable?

Whether an office chair is comfortable or not has a lot to do with its cushion. And the padding inside the cushion is the key to determining comfort degree.

Currently on the office furniture market, the sponges filled in the cushions of office chairs mainly include the following 3 types:

  • ordinary sponges (the kind of light yellow sponges we commonly use)
  • recycled sponge 
  • molding sponge

Comparisons of 3 kinds of sponges

These 3 kinds of sponges give people different feelings.

Because their properties are different, the price is naturally different.

If they are comprehensively evaluated in terms of comfort, durability, and environmental protection, then the order will be:

  • molding sponge > recycled sponge > ordinary sponge

Next, we will take everyone to learn about the specific material of the 3 sponges.

In medicine, it is usually recommended that people don’t sleep in a bed that is too soft.

You may ask “Why? Isn’t a soft bed more comfortable?” A soft bed can indeed give people a temporary sense of comfort. But such a bed is not conducive to alleviating fatigue, and it will become more tired as you sleep. 

Many people may have this kind of experience. This is because it is too soft for body to find a reliable focus point. And the lack of effective evacuation by gravity will bring fatigue. 

In addition, it will also affect the spine and lumbar intervertebral discs. People who sleep in soft beds all year round are more likely to suffer from lumbar intervertebral disc herniation.


Which kind of seat cushion is the healthiest?

The seat cushion of the office chair is the same as the one for bed.

If the seat cushion is too soft, you will feel tired after sitting for a long time. The pressure of the upper body is reduced on the buttocks. But the pressure all gather at the waist. This will make people involuntarily form the habit of bending over, and lumbar disc herniation is induced under such circumstances.

Then some people would think, sitting on a hard bench would be good in this case. But a hard bench is only suitable for sitting for a short time. If you have to sit and work for a day, it’s not appropriate. Because the hard board is not conducive to the blood circulation of the buttocks. Sitting for a long time will affect the beauty of the body’s curves, and women who love beauty should pay special attention to this problem. 

From this we can know that the most healthy office chair cushion should be the kind of moderate hardness.

Introduction of Different Sponges of Office Chairs

Molding Sponge

This sponge is made of polyurethane material and processed through multiple technological procedures.

The best feature of this sponge is that its density can be adjusted according to needs. If it is used on a cushion, then the office furniture manufacturer choose according to the healthiest density. So that it can ensure that the seat is comfortable without affecting your health.


Recycled Sponge

What is recycled sponge? 

  • In fact, recycled sponge is a kind of sponge that is made from scraps of craftsmanship, then re-recycled and reprocessed. It is characterized by economic benefits and can save a lot of production costs for enterprises.
  • Of course, this kind of recycled sponge also has the characteristics of elasticity and resilience.

But the industrial waste used in recycled sponge has strict requirements, and the processing requirements are also strict.

There are very few that can meet the normal standards in the market, and most are probably unstable.


Ordinary sponge

Ordinary sponge is the kind of light yellow sponge that we commonly see.

It can be seen in various places. It can be said that it has the lowest threshold for use. Besides, it is very soft and but not so elastic. If it is used to make the office chairs, the price is definitely very cheap.

If not too care about the health and comfort, you can still choose that.

On the whole, molding sponge is the most stable, healthy and comfortable sponge. It is also the best choice as the filling of office chairs. Of course, its price will be much higher than that of office chairs with other sponge fillings.



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