Why Doesn’t the Backrest of Reclining Office Chair Rebound?

Reclining Office Chair is becoming more popular

Today, whether working from home or in the company, office workers are inevitably sitting in office chairs for long periods of time. An increasing number of people recognize the wear and tear on the body from long-time sitting. Therefore, when choosing an office chair, they will not only consider its suitability for office work, but also pay attention to its rest performance, such as the reclining function.

However, in use, some users may encounter the situation that the backrest of the office chair cannot rebound after being reclined. This is a common problem for both sellers and buyers of office chairs.

Next, the article will introduce the reclining adjustment method of the chair tilt mechanism in detail and also analyze the reasons for its dysfunction.

Reclining Office Chair

How to adjust the back of reclining office chair?

The reclining function of the office chair is mainly controlled by the chair tilt mechanism. If not knowing how to use the tilt mechanism, you can read the manual first. Because different reclining office chairs are configured with different tilt mechanisms. And generally, there are very detailed explanations in the manual.

Although the tilt mechanism is different, the essence of the adjustment function is still the same.

We have summarized a general adjustment method for your reference.

Tilting adjustment Methods

  • Sit on the reclining office chair and find the adjustment handle on the tilt mechanism, which is generally set at the bottom right of the seat cushion.
  • Flip the handle (usually a pull-out action), lean back on the backrest. And then press the handle in, so that the angle can be fixed. To adjust it back, we can pull out the handle again. Then, apply force on the backrest, and it will spring back.
  • A chair with a resting function can also allow the backrest to be reclined more than 120 degrees.
  • Swing back and forth: There is a SPRING TESION KONB in front of the gas cylinder of the chair. And the swing amplitude can be adjusted by rotating it left and right.

Why the reclining function fails?

When we sit on the reclining office chair, it falls backwards. This situation is usually caused by a problem with the reclining function of the chair tilt mechanism.

The picture below is our commonly used synchro tilt mechanism NG012D

Synchro Tilt Mechanism NG012D
NG012D Synchro Tilt Mechanism

(1) The components that control the back tilt function in the tilt mechanism are broken (commonly known as paddles), making it impossible to implement the function.

(2) The iron seat of the tilt mechanism is partially desoldered and cracks appear, which seriously affects the function of the internal components.

In the event of such a problem, we recommend replacing the chair tilt mechanism. Inquire the original seller about the hole number and functions of the chair tilt mechanism, and ask for replacement within the warranty period. Or find the same one in the market, and disassemble and replace it yourself.

Tilt mechanism on the reclining office chair

What to do if the reclining function is not working?

If the reclining function of chair cannot operate normally, you can check the connection between gas cylinder and tilt mechanism to see if it is rusted, which hinders the operation of the handle. If so, just add some lubricating oil. As shown below:

Connection between gas cylinder and tilt mechanism

In conclusion

It can be seen from the above that the main reason for the malfunction of the office chair’s reclining function is the tilt mechanism. While there are ways to make repairs and adjustments, they can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

For consumers, the fundamental solution to this problem once and for all is to buy a high-quality office chair.

For office chair manufacturers and sellers, it is to make sure the quality of the tilt mechanisms and even each piece of chair parts to ensure that they are safe, durable and easy to use.

I believe that for office chair manufacturers and seller, our Chair Tilt Mechanisms and also other Chair Parts are definitely the best choice.


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