How to Maintain the Office Chairs?

As an office worker, you may know how important to use a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. A great ergonomic office chair allows you to work at your desk or cubicle for a long time without putting pressure on your spine.

It’s reported that as many as 38% of office workers experience back pain in any given year. But using a high-quality office chair can minimize the pressure on the spine. And thereby protecting yourself from back pain.

If you plan to invest in high-quality office chairs, you need to clean and maintain them.

The cleaning and maintenance methods for office chairs

Dust Cleaning with Vacuum

Regularly clean the office chair with the wand attachment of a vacuum cleaner like once a few weeks.

If the wand attachment has a smooth surface, it should be able to suck out most of the particles with no damage to the office chair.

Simply set the vacuum cleaner to the “low suction” setting. And then you can pass the wand attachment through the seat, backrest and armrests.

No matter what type of office chair you have, vacuuming regularly will help extend its service life. The wand attachment will suck away stubborn dust and debris.

Otherwise they may degrade your office chair and make them scrap.

Soap and Warm Water for Spot Cleaning

If it is not stated on the upholstery label or user manual, then you can use soap and warm water to clean the office chair. If you discover surface stains on the office chair, wipe the stained area with a damp towel and a small amount of liquid soap until it becomes clean.

No special type of soap are needed to clean your office chair. You can use a mildly formulated dish soap. After rinsing a clean towel under running water, put a few drops of dish soap on it. Then, blot instead scrub the stained areas on your office chair.

Blotting is significant because it can pull the stain-causing compounds from the fabric. If you scrub the stain, you will inadvertently push the stain-causing compounds into the fabric. Therefore, we have to blot the office chair when spot cleaning it.

Casters Cleaning and Lubricating

If your office chair has casters, you need to clean and lubricate them to keep the chair rolling smoothly. The casters are the housing units for installing the wheels of the office chair.

The wheels themselves are made of different kinds of materials. Their materials may include plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum, cast iron, and polyurethane. But the housing units are almost always made of some kind of metal.

New office chairs usually roll smoothly, with little or no resistance. However, if you use the same office chair for a year or more, it may be difficult for you to roll across the floor due to the debris accumulated inside the casters.

To clean the casters, turn the office chair upside down and pull out any lint, hair or debris from the inside of the wheel cover unit. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck the excess debris out of the casters. Or you can use canned air to blow the debris out of the casters.

After thoroughly cleaning the casters on the office chair, apply a lubricant such as WD-40. Just spray a small amount of lubricant in each housing unit. Then your office chair will roll more smoothly. Try to clean and lubricate office chair casters at least once every six months, making it one of your habits.

Fasteners Tightening

Of course, you should also check and tighten the fasteners on the office chair. No matter what the fasteners are, screws or bolts (or both), if you don’t tighten them regularly, they may loosen. If the fasteners are loose, your office chair will not be stable.

Refer to the user manual to determine the location of all fasteners. Some office chairs have only a few fasteners, while others have dozens. After identifying the where the office chair fasteners are, use a screwdriver to tighten them.

To tighten the fasteners, turn the screwdriver to the right. On the other hand, you can loosen the fastener by turning screwdriver to the left. Here is a simple way to remember the direction of turning a fastener. That is “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.”

Gas Cylinder Replacement

Does your office chair sink to the floor immediately after it is raised? If so, you may need to replace the gas cylinder. The height-adjustable office chair is usually equipped with a gas cylinder, which is responsible for generating pneumatic lift. The cylinder is filled with pressurized nitrogen, which can lift and maintain the office chair at a height.

If the gas cylinder on your office chair leaks or other malfunctions, you can’t be able to lift it. But don’t worry about it. Because most cylinders can be easily replaced. Just turn your office chair upside down, remove the current cylinder with a screwdriver. And then replace it with a new cylinder of the same size and type. After installation, try to lift your office chair to check if the new gas cylinder works.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

It is best to protect your office chair from exposure under the direct sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) sunlight can degrade most fabrics and materials, including those used to make office chairs. The damage from UV will not happen overnight. However, if the office chair faces the direct sunlight for a long time, it may fade and dry out.

But its need to avoid the sunlight exposure doesn’t mean you have to work in a darkened office. Instead, you can place your office chair in the shade most of the day. Besides, you can also adjust the blinds or curtains, making them only partially closed. By this mean, you can limit the amount of office chairs exposed to the sun. With these simple precautions, you can rest assured that your office chair will not fade or dry out due to the sun.

Replace When Necessary

You may have already done enough regular cleaning and maintenance, but it is still necessary to replace the office chair. According to a report, the average life expectancy of an office chair is between 7 and 15 years. If your office chair is damaged or degraded and can’t be repaired anymore, you should let it go and replace it.

High-quality office chairs parts manufactured by well-known brands should be warranted. If any part is damaged during the warranty period, the manufacturer will pay for repair or replacement. Be sure to seek a warranty when buying an office chair. Because it shows that the manufacturer is confident in its product.

Therefore, after investing in a new office chair, remember to follow these cleaning and maintenance tips. Doing so will help prevent it from malfunctioning prematurely. Meanwhile, a well-maintained office chair will provide you with excellent work comfort.



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