OEM Gaming Chair

1. What is OEM gaming chair?

Nowadays, gaming chairs are kind of an expression of personalization. It is their cool and unique appearance that makes it popular with the young consumers. And to maintain this advantage of the gaming chair, some manufacturers may offer the service of OEM GAMING CHAIR. For some gaming chair parts can be customized to show the users’ individuality. 

In fact, in manufacturers’ opinion, OEM gaming chair is to produce gaming chair according to the requirements of B-end customers.

The design characteristics of gaming chairs are really different from the common office chairs. For OEM, its design may be original from customer. Or it may be modified on the basis of the factory’s own chair design to meet the needs of customers’ brands.

When it comes to OEM gaming chairs, it’s generally a customization of the various parts of the chair. The following are the parts needed for OEM gaming chairs:

  • Caster wheels
  • Wheelbase
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Gas cylinder
  • Armrest
  • Upholstery: leather or fabric
  • Lumbar / neck cushion
OEM gaming chairs

Next , we will provide some useful tips about OEM gaming chairs on each part for your reference.

OEM Gaming Chair Caster Wheels

For the caster wheels, it is the easiest part for OEM. Because it can offer many options both in styles and colors.

  • The styles can be roughly divided into these 2 types: Twin-wheel caster and single-wheel caster.
  • While the color of casters can be made red, yellow, blue, black and white. For the caster material is PP or nylon.
  • The recommended size of the gaming chair casters is generally 60/65 mm in diameter.
OEM gaming chair - caster wheel

OEM Gaming Chair Wheelbase

Generally, the sockets on the WHEEL BASE where the caster wheels are installed are universal, whether it is ALUMNIM base, NYLON base or CHROME base.

According to the size of your GAMING chair, choose the base of the corresponding size. The base with a radius of 300-350mm is the choice for many OEM gaming chair customers.


OEM Gaming Chair Tilt Mechanism

Tilt mechanism is an important part of the chair, which plays the function of lifting the chair, tilting the seat back, etc. The Tilt mechanism is one of the OEM parts.

However, the viable options seem a bit limited as for the tilt mechanism. Because the tilt mechanism you choose with a specific functions may not be compatible with other accessories. That means you can’t add or remove some accessories on the tilt mechanism at will. With its structure closely connected, every structural change needs to go through a series of tests to ensure the stability, smoothness, safety and durability of the adjustment.

In the article “Butterfly Tilt Mechanism“, you will know that the butterfly tilt mechanism and frog tilt mechanism are the most commonly used in gaming chairs.

Swivel Tilt Mechanism NG014
Swivel Tilt Mechanism NBA007
Swivel Tilt Mechanism NBA007

The tilt mechanisms with same functions also come in various appearances. The tilt mechanism lever is generally made of plastic, so your OEM requirements still can be satisfied in terms of the appearance of lever

OEM Gaming Chair Gas Cylinder

The gas cylinder is indispensable for a gaming chair. It may seem that there’s nothing for the gas cylinder can be changed. But in fact it is a “regular customer” among OEMs. 

For example, you can see on our OEM GAS CYLINDER page. We can not only customize the gas cylinder sizes according to customer’s drawings, but also install special air-tight fittings fit for the local climate. So that we can ensure the safety and durability of the product.

In addition, we also offer the service of engraving customers’ brand name or some unique line patterns on the inner part of the gas cylinder to highlight customers’ brand style.

OEM Gaming Chair Armrest

The commonly used Gaming chair armrests include:

  • fixed armrests
  • lifting adjustable armrests
  • front & rear adjustable armrests
  • left & right adjustable armrests

In general, the armrests tends to be attached to the bottom of the seat cushion. As the Gaming Chair cushion is wider, we generally recommend armrests with a longer connecting iron part, such as 4D Armrest N513.

OEM Gaming Chair Upholstery

The difference between gaming chairs and general office chairs is mainly reflected in the upholstered cover part. Its upholstered cover of seat cushion and backrest are generally one piece. And the straight high backrest design looks very spirited.

No matter the upholstery material is leather or fabric, the whole upholstery can be made colorful and distinctive. Still, you may wonder which material is better. So we make a comparison between the PU leather and the Fabric in the following.

PU Leather vs Fabric Gaming Chairs


PU or FABRIC are both economical materials


  • PU is easy to clean, but not as wear-resistant as fabric.
  • Fabricis not easy to clean but with good abrasion resistance.

You are welcome to send us your design, we will OEM gaming chair for you.

Lumbar / neck cushion

The upholstered cover part of gaming chair is often matched with cushion, especially the lumbar part and neck part, which can make the gaming player feel comfortable.

We can offer the service of printing your brand logo on the cushion. It will make the whole chair look very high-end and special.

In conclusion

If you have more ideas on OEM GAMING CHAIR, please feel free to contact us!



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