Are the Nylon Office Chairs Not Strong?

Office chairs are composed of many chair parts including chairs feet, chair frames, chair seats, etc. Nowadays, the materials for making the office chair parts are gradually replaced by modified nylon. And it is also a specific form of “plastic rather than steel.”

The characteristics of PA6 modified nylon chairs

Painted or wooden office chairs usually smell of paint. Over time, the paint will fade and the seats will no longer be shiny. By now everyone may find that PA6 modified nylon chairs have replaced the past ones.

PA6 modified materials have good performance, light weight, simple production, long service life, and no paint spraying, greatly reduces the formaldehyde harmful gases to personal infringement. This is mainly determined by the characteristics of the PA6 itself like the great wear resistance, high strength, strong weather resistance.

After the color matching treatment, the whole material is a kind of material. Even if the exterior is damaged and peeled off, the interior is a brand new color. It is completely different from the process of spraying that is only effective on the surface.

People's wrong view on the plastic chair bases

But people often mistakenly believe that plastic products are not strong. According to available statistics, this statement is not entirely accurate.

Any material has its limit, so the load-bearing capacity of steel products is different from that of plastic products. Even if general steel products are several times heavier than plastic products, the weight of the general human body cannot reach the load-bearing limit of steel products.

People naturally think that steel products are relatively strong. However, the strength of plastic chairs can’t be underestimated. Because the strength performance requirements of the chair and foot products made of modified nylon PA6/PA66 basically exceed the critical point and reach the standard value. And that means there is no problem sitting on an overweight person. The nylon base is not welcome for the heavy duty office chair.

But if there are special factors, the combination of overweight and other uncontrollable factors can cause this situation. In this case, it may also break, but this situation is basically negligible. But because of this, people feel that the plastic chair feet are not strong.

For example, the safety factor of an airplane is very high. But once the airplane crashes, the crew and passengers will basically die. So in this subconscious, people will feel that the airplane is unsafe in the beginning. Compared with car accidents, they happen almost every day. Human consciousness is not that important, because traffic accidents may occur any time and any place. 

Going back to the problem of chair feet, because the steel chair feet will not crack even if they are broken. While plastic products will crack, even if it is not as frequent as expected. The effect is too obvious compared to steel products, people will mistakenly think that it is not strong .

But the exact answer is that nylon office chair accessories are not easily damaged and can meet the normal standards.



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