5 Types of Office Chair Tilt Mechanisms

There are many choices in Chair Tilt Mechanisms of different styles and designs. Most of you know the tilt mechanisms can be classified by their functions. But you may not know they can be also sorted by the number of functions. And this is what we’re going to introduce to you.

The chair tilt mechanism is installed under the seat and linked to the cylinder. This kind of construction is very obvious as shown in the video on the right. And we can know from the video how to use a multifunctional tilt mechanism. But it is invisible when a person is sitting on a seat. When people buy chairs, they are in a similar situation, which is ignored by most people.

When choosing office chairs, laymen usually pay attention to appearance, function and price.

While experts know that the technical core of office chairs lies in the design and manufacture of the office chair tilt mechanism, and the core of safety lies in the class of the gas cylinder. As long as customers grasp these two key points, they can pick out seats are generally durable, comfortable and safe.

The following will bring you to know about 5 general office chair tilt mechanisms on the market, whose functions increase from 1 to 5.

Summary of 5 Types of Office Chair Tilt Mechanisms

To make it more clear for you to have a basic understanding of the tilt mechanisms with different functions, we have summarized the 5 functions and make a table to show them. Then, we will explain all of them in detail.

Tilt Mechanism
Cushion lift adjustment
Backward elastic adjustment
Backward angle adjustment
Cushion depth adjustment
Seat cushion forward angle adjustment
General Lifting
Function Tilt





Hot-selling Two-function Tilt Mechanism




Three-function Tilt Mechanism



Ergonomic Four-function Tilt Mechanism


Ergonomic Five-function Tilt Mechanism

1. General Lifting Tilt Mechanism - One function

Only the control height of the seat (high and low), the seat cushion can be raised and lowered freely.

Press the button of the chair cylinder in order to release the pressure inside the cylinder.(how is the cylinder working)

It’s commonly used in bar chairs, laboratory chairs.

Let’s take the Swivel Tilt Mechanism ND-13 as example and watch the video to learn about how this kind of one-function tilt mechanism works.

Other Hot Sale One-function Tilt Mechanisms

1.Swivel Tilt Mechanism ND-13

Swivel Tilt Mechanism ND-16

ND008 tilt mechanism

Swivel Tilt Mechanism ND008

2. Hot-selling Two-function Tilt Mechanism- Two function

This tilt mechanism has a control lever. The seat cushion can be raised and lowered freely like the aboved one.

Also set with a rotation control device, it can control the back elasticity by spring which may control manual. However, it cannot lock the back leaned angle.

Display of Swivell Tilt Mechanism NG003B

The Design Characteristics of Tilt Mechanism NG003B

As shown in the picture above, our Swivel Tilt Mechanism NG003B is designed to a butterfly shape.

– The top surface 2 and the hole 21 of the butterfly-shaped pallet are used for connecting to the seat pan of chair. 

– While the recessed and downward plate frame 4 and other accessories together form the support system A. The support system A is set with the circle tube 1, the lever 5 and the elastic knob 6. 

Know more about butterfly tilt mechanism.


2.Swivel Tilt Mechanism NG003B

How to use the Tilt Mechanism NG003B

How to Use Swivell Tilt Mechanism NG003B

  • The height of the entire office chair can be adjusted by the pressing operation of the lever 5. 
  • Rotate the lever 5 clockwise to adjust the height of the cushion.
  • The strong spring in the elastic knob group 6 enables the office chair to recline backward together with a comfortable elasticity. 
  • Rotate the cylindrical knob 6 at the bottom of the tilt mechanism clockwise to increase the elasticity of the back of the chair. And rotate it counter clockwise to decrease the elasticity of the back of the chair.

* Pull out the right control lever to unlock the back cushion. The user can tilt the back cushion.

* When the chair seat and back angle recover to 90°, insert the right control lever to lock the tilting.

Way to Use Tilt Mechanism NG003B-2

Seat Tilt

Office chairs with such type of tilt mechanisms mostly have a structure in which the seat cushion is directly connected to the seat back. Therefore, when tilting backward, the angle between the seat back and the seat cushion is fixed, and the sitting posture of the human body will not change.

In other words, if you want to keep reclining for a long time while resting, the body will not be able to reach a position close to lying down. So generally consumers will move the buttocks slightly forward to adjust their sitting position. The effect of adjusting the sitting posture by moving the body forward is limited. What’s more, it is easy to cause pain and soreness due to improper force on the chiropractic.


Seat tilt


Back tilt

Back Tilt

In addition, there is a structure whose seat back and the seat cushion are separately assembled. In this structure, the L-shaped bracket is used to connect the seat back and is connected to the seat cushion with springs. So that the seat back has the flexibility to tilt backward. Only the chair back has the elastic reclining. While the seat cushion remains immobile, which is not enough for the reclining rest for a long time.

However,  its structure is simple and with an affordable price. It is really cost-effective, so the demand volume is huge.

Other Hot Sale Two-function Tilt Mechanisms

Swivel Tilt Mechanism NG004

Swivel Tilt Mechanism NG008D

Swivel Tilt Mechanism NG011

3. Three-function Tilt Mechanism

This kind of tilt mechanism is the current popular tilt mechanism. It has three adjustment functions: backward locking, seat cushion lifting, and backward elasticity adjustment.

Besides, the appearance design of such type of tilt mechanism is very diverse, such as our NG012D, NB002, NT002C. Its three functions can be realized by one Lever or two Levers, plus a Knob.





  • Lever A for seat height adjustment
  • Lever A for locking ( in 3 locking positions)

One Lever can realize 2 functions.

  • Lever A for seat height adjustment
  • Lever B for locking in 5 locking positions

It is convenient to operate.

There are more angles that can be locked, giving users a more comfortable feeling.

  • Lever A for seat height adjustment
  • Lever B for locking back bar at any degree

The back plate can be locked  at any angle, which allows users to adjust the chair back to fit for their body posture and makes them feel comfortable.

The above three different tilt mechanisms all have a KNOB to adjust the spring force when tilting. 

Rotate the cylindrical knob at the bottom of the tilt mechanism clockwise to increase the elasticity of the back of the chair. And rotate it counterclockwise to decrease the elasticity of the back of the chair.

Other Hot Sale Three-function Tilt Mechanisms

Synchro Tilt Mechanism NG013A

Synchro Tilt Mechanism NBA005

Swivel Tilt Mechanism NBC007

4. Ergonomic Four-function Tilt Mechanism

Compared with the general three-function tilt mechanism, the ergonomic four-function tilt mechanism adds the front and rear adjustment function of the seat cushion.

The depth adjustment function of the seat cushion makes it suitable for users with different leg lengths. The user makes the thigh fully seated on the cushion through moderate adjustment. Increasing the contact area between the body and the seat cushion is the best way to reduce the pressure of the lower limbs. A smaller pressure makes the user feel more comfortable and the sitting time is longer.

The cushion depth adjustment function is one of the main differences between ordinary office chairs and ergonomic office chairs.

There are many styles of four-function tilt mechanism with ergonomic wire control. They may be operated by buttons, levers, wheels, or wire control technology. 

And that prevents the conventional tilt mechanism from directly extending the control device from the mechanism. And then cause problems that the location of each control function is scattered and unsightly.

4.Synchro Tilt Mechanism NBC005S

Four-function Tilt Mechanism Example

Like our Synchro Tilt Mechanism NBC005S, in order to enable it to achieve 4 functions without affecting the overall product appearance, our engineers have made the following adjustments:

  • Canceled the traditional Spring tension big knob and replaced it with a small and exquisite LEVER C
  • Then, put the LEVERD that controls the front and back movement of the base to a position symmetrical to it.

This design makes the product look very neat and beautiful. And it will be perfect if it is matched with high-end seats. We have more products of the same type.


Other Hot Sale Four-function Tilt Mechanisms

Synchro Tilt Mechanism NBC006S 

Synchro Tilt Mechanism NBA005S 

Multifunction Tilt Mechanism ND005 

5. Ergonomic Five-function Tilt Mechanism

In addition to the original four adjustment functions, the five-function tilt mechanism also adds a seat cushion angle adjustment function. And that can adapt to the special needs of different users from more indicators.

For example, when you need to write and read at the desk, it is more convenient for users to adjust the seat cushion to lean forward slightly. While watching a movie or take a break, adjust the seat cushion to tilt backward to feel more comfortable.

For the four types of tilt mechanisms mentioned above, the seat plate can only be tilted backward with the backrest passively. However, the seat plate of the five-function tilt mechanism can not only tilt backward, but more importantly, it can tilt forward independently. The chair can be tilted forward ensures even distribution of the pressure on legs and keeps the feet firm to the ground. As a result, your legs will feel more comfortable while sitting on this chair.

Advantages of the 5-function tilt mechanism for users

  • Allow user in a comfortable posture    
  • Relief user from back pain    
  • Improve blood circulation

Here we recommend our Multifunction Tilt Mechanism NT001S. As shown in the figure below, the LEVER A can control the tilting of seat plate from forward 1.5° to backward 2.5°.

The following video shows us how to use the Tilt Mechanism NT001S. Let’s see how it realizes the 5 functions.

5.Multifunction Tilt Mechanism NT001S

The ergonomic computer chair with seat cushion angle adjustment function requires the tilt mechanism and seat cushion design to be closely linked.

So when it is produced in the factory, the tilt mechanism, seat cushion, and seat back are generally pre-assembled.

After the customer gets the seat, he only needs to connect the tripod to the upper part of the seat with a pneumatic bar, which is very easy to install.

Other Hot Sale Five-function Tilt Mechanisms

Multifunction Tilt Mechanism NT001B

Multifunction Tilt Mechanism NT004H


The different kinds of tilt mechanisms mentioned above are sorted by the number of functions that they can realize. They can meet varying degrees of adjustment needs.

Before you purchase a tilt mechanism for your office chair,  you should take the “2 What” into account:

  • What is your budget?
  • What functions do you need?

After that, you can get the right one for your office chair.



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