Four Major Points for Purchasing Office Chairs

Many office workers sit in chairs and work with computers all day long, which is prone to fatigue. And that in turn affects work efficiency. And as we all know, workers who want to be good at their work must first improve their tools. Whether at home or at work, sitting on a suitable office chair that can make the sitter in the most comfortable and healthy sitting posture must be the best choice. So how should we choose office chairs?

1. The softness of the chair

First of all, we need to check the softness and comfort of the seat cushion and backrest, mainly to check the density and resilience of the seat filler. If the padding is a sponge, it is good if no touching to the bottom plate when sitting down. After pressing down hard, there is an obvious sense of rebound and the surface of the chair is flat without unevenness.

If it is not an office chair with padded cushions and chair backs, it depends on the material and hardness of the material itself. Check whether the seat board conforms to the curve of human buttocks and thighs.

Chairs that are too flat or too hard can damage the spine. Chairs that are too soft and too thick will affect the blood circulation of the legs. In fact, the cushion is a very important part. After sitting for a long time, the buttocks will feel stuffy and uneasy.

The reason is simple: the buttocks bear the weight and pressure of the upper body, and the blood vessels and nerves in the buttocks are very rich. A cushion that is too soft will fit the buttocks too much, and it will also increase the pressure on the blood vessels and nerves.

2. Armrest height

The armrests should be coordinated with the backrest and seat board.

Try to put your arm on the armrest, check whether it fits the curve of the arm, it is better not to bend naturally. Apply a little pressure and shake it from side to side to test its stability to see if it can provide a strong support for the arm. If the armrest is adjustable, it must be adjusted according to its adjustable direction to see its flexibility.

In addition, check whether the appearance material is scratched or damaged, and whether the connection between the armrest and the seat is loose.

Purchasing Office Chairs

3. Gas cylinder

An office chair with quality gas cylinder, there will be no abnormal noise when sitting on it. Besides, there is no sound of air leakage when being shaken from side to side and lifted up and down.

When purchasing, use your hand to touch the adjustment lever to see if it is sensitive. Raise the chair all the way up, then lower it down a little bit. If the chair drops to the bottom all of a sudden with no rebound, it means that the quality of the gas cylinder is not good.

In addition, it should also be verified that if the seat height of the chair is suitable when the adjustment lever is lowered to the bottom. It is recommended to use the electroplated gas cylinder. Because it is not easy to leak during use and has a long service life.

What’s more, its appearance is extra ordinarily high-end. And it can also be rotated and lifted at will.

4. Chair bases

Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose an office chair with five-feet design, which can ensure the stability of the chair. 

There are 2 types of chair base for us to choose: caster type and fixed type. Regardless of the caster type or the fixed type, the material is also very important. If made with poor materials, the chair base will be easy to wear and tear with no guarantee for safety.

If you choose the caster type, it is recommended to consider whether it will cause damage to the floor. And the casters should not be too flexible. Otherwise, it will not be easy to bear the force, and it will be very tiring to sit.


The importance of the office chair is related to the health of employees in a big way, but it is just a tool in a small way. However, for the comfort of employees, it is still very important to choose a good chair and protect their cervical spine. Sitting comfortably is the most basic and ultimate requirement for an office chair.

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  1. The way you advised me to choose an office chair that has soft seats and armrests with proper height is something I truly appreciate. My workstation is in dire need of a major facelift after I’ve spent almost three years there. Let me try to find a reputable furniture store so I can make a purchase.


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