General Installation Instruction for Office Chairs

The Office Chair is divided into 2 types. They respectively are office chairs with bow frames and office chairs with casters ( Let’s call it swivel chairs the following) ! Now it generally refers to swivel chairs!

The tools needed for the installation: Phillips screwdriver, hex wrench, several screws

Office Chair Installation Methods / Steps

Step 1   Check the parts and components.

Check whether the parts are enough carefully before installation, or else it’s easy to make mistakes!

Generally speaking, a swivel chair includes: 1 backrest + 1 chair seat + 1 five-star base + 5 casters + 1 gas cylinder + 1 tilt mechanism + 1 pair of armrests + several screws + 1 headrest!

*Note: some are integrated with the backrest and the seat. And there are different screws, some are Torx screws while some are other screws.


Step 2    Install casters.  Insert the 5 casters directly into the holes of the five-star base at a slight angle.


Step 3    Install gas cylinder.  After installing the casters, turn the five-star base upside down. Then, directly put the gas cylinder into the hole in the middle of the five-star base.


Step 4    Install armrests. Align the mounting holes of armrests with the seat cushion holes. Then, insert the screws of armrests and tighten them with a wrench.


Step 5    Install tilt mechanism.   Align the mounting holes of the tilt mechanism with the holes on the bottom of the seat cushion. Insert the tilt mechanism screws and tighten them with a wrench.


Step 6    Install backrest.   Set the backrest into the tilt mechanism slot, put in the backrest screws, and tighten with a wrench.


Step 7   The overall combination.  Align the installed upper part, insert it into the gas cylinder, sit down and press it tightly. Lift the seat cushion to check whether the installation is tight.


Step 8    Install headrest.   Align the screw holes on the headrest with the backrest, put in the screws and tighten them. Pat the headrest back with your hand to check if the installation is tight.


Step 9    Insert the small screw.  Insert the backrest screw from the bottom and tighten it with the tip of a wrench. (Most chair installations don’t have this step, but do not ignore this)


Step 10     Check the overall installation.  Shake the chair back and forth with your hands to check whether the chair is firmly installed.

office chair installation-finish

We will put a detailed installation instruction like the picture below in each chair package. And no worry about not knowing how to install.


After the installation, the cleaning and maintenance is the daily work.



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