What Are Forward Tilting Chairs?

Some office chairs are designed with a forward tilting function, while others do not, and we generally classify the former as Forward Tilting Chairs. Following two chairs are respectively the backed forward tilting chair and backless forward tilting chair.

Backed Forward Tilting Chairs-2
Backless Forward Tilting Chairs-1

In the following part, we’ll go into more depth about Forward Tilting Chairs, including the following points:

  • When would you need a forward tilting chair?
  • Backless Forward Tilting Chairs
  • Backed Forward Tilting Chairs
  • How to adjust the Forward Tilting Chairs?

When would you need a forward tilting chair?

Ideally, you can make sure your spine is in a neutral position when you’re sitting in an office chair. When you change your sitting position and also need the chair to follow you to change the inclination direction and angle to keep the comfort of sitting, then you need a forward tilting chair. Because they can realize not only the backward reclining functions of a normal office chair, but also recline forward in a comfortable way.

[ Poorly positioned chairs ] often lead to pain on back, neck and shoulder as well as muscle spasms and headaches. Therefore, for some people, Forward Tilting Chairs are also very necessary in office work.

Backless Forward Tilting Chairs

This kind of backless forward tilting chairs usually sit on a lower ground, with your legs propped up on the chair leg. This position forces your spine to be upright, making it in a neutral position.

Numerous studies have shown this to be good for the back, arms and neck. Its ergonomic design is optimal, healthy and ideal for avoiding structural problems.

This chair design allows weight distribution between the legs and back to balance the spine for a more comfortable experience. However, they usually don’t have armrests, which many people find uncomfortable, especially after hours of continuous sitting.


This type of chair is more used in dentists, beauty and hairdressing industries, such as Medical Saddle Dental Therapist Doctor Stool, Dental Assistant Medical Stool, Manicure Beauty Salon Bar Chair Stool, Saddle Beauty Hair Salon Hairdresser Stool.

Backless Forward Tilting Chairs-1
Backless Forward Tilting Chairs-2

Backed Forward Tilting Chairs

The classic office chair is the one that most people know, with a backrest that balances and reclines. The backed forward tilting chairs are often difficult to tell apart because they look very similar to the classic office chairs mentioned above. Their forward-leaning function is given by the unique design of the tilt mechanism. We can call this mechanism “Forward Tilt Mechanism“. Next, Let’s learn about what the forward tilt mechanism is.

Backed Forward Tilting Chairs-1

The picture is from the chair brand “LIFEFORM CHAIRS”.

- What is a Forward Tilt Mechanism?

The forward tilt mechanism can adjust the angle of the seat so that the seat front can be reclined forward (up) or rearward (down).

Because of the forward tilt mechanism, adjustable options for the chair are added. It can reduce stress on the lower back, ensures proper posture, and reduces blood flow to the legs and feet.

The Forward tilt angle of the general office chair setting is not large. For example:

  • Our Office Chair Tilt Mechanism NT004 series has a maximum tilt angle of 9 degrees.
  • While the NT001 series is 4 degrees.
  • The seat back and seat cushion of the new chair tilt mechanism NBC008 series can be reclined forward at the same time.
  • The tilt mechanism NT013 specially configured for SADDLE STOOL has a relatively large angle of 12.

NT004H Tilt Mechanism

Seat angle: -3° ~ 6°

NT001B Tilt Mechanism

Seat angle: -1.5° ~ 2.5°

NBC008 Tilt Mechanism

- The advantages of Forward Tilt

(1) Keep a good posture

Sitting in a work chair may cause muscle tension. It can also weaken the core muscles in the back and sides, leading to sagging and poor balance, as well as poor posture. All of the above can further cause chronic pain and injury.

Good posture allows the blood to circulate and the muscles to relax. So whether standing or sitting, a good posture is necessary. And the forward tilt of this seat helps to keep the healthy posture.

(2) Reduce lower back pain

Low back pain, is usually caused by problems around the lower spine. Generally, after hours of sitting on an office chair, the muscles and ligaments of the back will be injured or sprained. This may put pressure on the discs and muscles.

The forward tilt function of the office chair can reduce the pressure on the back muscles and prevent the spine from being stressed. If used properly, lower back pain can be avoided even when sitting almost all day.

(3) Make your legs more comfortable

An office chair that isn’t adjusted for your body size or sitting position can cause poor blood flow to your legs. Then, the poor circulation can cause tingling and numbness in the legs and also the throbbing pain. Muscle cramps and stiffness are common symptoms of decreased blood flow.

By forward tilting, you can better distribute the pressure on your legs with your feet firmly on the floor when you are working. This increases blood circulation in the legs and a more comfortable working experience.

After knowing the benefits of forward tilt, let’s see how to adjust the chair to make it tilt forward.

How to adjust the Forward Tilting Chairs?

The forward tilt of an office chair is one of the key parts that affects comfort and efficiency. The seat angle will be the focal point of the adjustment, as will the backrest.

(1) Seat angle

Regarding office chairs, there are three positions: standard, reclined and forward. Standard pose requires no adjustments, but both incline and forward require adjustment. When forward, the seat reclines between 5 and 10 degrees.

Backed Forward Tilting Chairs-2

(2) Backrest angle

The back of an office chair should not give the user a feeling of being pushed off the chair. For forward and standard positions, the backrest should be straight up.


The presence of Forward tilting chairs is still of great benefit, giving us more options for adjustment, making the adjustment of the seat more flexible and ergonomic. Whether an office chair should recline forward will depend on the individual’s pursuit of comfort.

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