Office Chair Adjustment Levers

Basic Task of office chair adjustment levers

Office Chair Adjustment Levers Before this article, we have done almost all-round analysis on Office Chair Tilt Mechanisms and written many Blogs about office chair tilt mechanism from various angles. But there is still a very important part that has not been explained to you in detail. That is the office chair adjustment levers, also … Read more

What Are Forward Tilting Chairs?

Backed Forward Tilting Chairs-2

What Are Forward Tilting Chairs? Some office chairs are designed with a forward tilting function, while others do not, and we generally classify the former as Forward Tilting Chairs. Following two chairs are respectively the backed forward tilting chair and backless forward tilting chair. In the following part, we’ll go into more depth about Forward Tilting … Read more

Why Doesn’t the Backrest of Reclining Office Chair Rebound?

Reclining Office Chair

Why Doesn’t the Backrest of Reclining Office Chair Rebound? Reclining Office Chair is becoming more popular Today, whether working from home or in the company, office workers are inevitably sitting in office chairs for long periods of time. An increasing number of people recognize the wear and tear on the body from long-time sitting. Therefore, … Read more

Office Chair Controls

Office Chair Controls

About Office Chair Controls Nowadays, various kinds and styles of office chairs are available in market to fit the different needs of the modern people. However, despite the differences, most office chairs are all the same in one point. That is, they usually come with many office chair controls to make adjustments to the ergonomic … Read more

Butterfly Tilt Mechanism

Thickness of tilt mechanism

Butterfly Tilt Mechanism 1. What is a butterfly tilt mechanism? The butterfly tilt mechanism is actually an office chair tilt mechanism. Because its shape is like a butterfly with outstretched wings. People tend to use the butterfly tilt mechanism as its common name. And this makes this kind of tilting mechanism easy to identify. In … Read more

The Permanent Contact Mechanism on High Back Drafting Chair


High Back Drafting Chair Parts – Permanent Contact Mechanism and Others 1. What is a high back drafting chair used for? A chair designed specifically for the users working on drafting tables or other elevated surfaces above normal office-desk height. Especially in some industrial industries, the working table is always higher than the conventional table … Read more

The Different Types of Tilt Mechanisms


3 Different Types of Tilt Mechanisms There are two types of office chair mechanisms: tiltable and non-tiltable. The non-tiltable mechanism is relatively simple. Here we mainly explain the tilt mechanism. In terms of tilting results, chair tilt mechanisms are divided into three categories: back tilt mechanisms, seat tilt mechanisms, and synchro tilt mechanisms.  But we must know, … Read more

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